Changing children’s views on gender stereotypes (Childhub webinar)

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Date of webinar: 
16 Jan 2018
Start and finish time of webinar: 
2pm CET
Octombrina Moraru, Child Protection Specialist,Terre des hommes Moldova
Anatolii Oprea, Child Protection Specialist, Terre des hommes Moldova

Stereotypes are present in all spheres of modern life. Often we are so used to them, that we do not even consider them as stereotypes, including statements  that only girls wear pink for example, or that men don`t cry, and those who do are not "real" man. We are exposed to stereotypes since early age throughout our life, and they are pasted from one generation to another.

During this webinar we are going to present some of the tools developed by Terre des hommes Moldova within the project ”For a violence free life of children in Moldova” funded by OAK Foundation, with the aim of diminishing gender based stereotypes starting with children of age 7 to 18 years old.

All developed tools were based on the most common gender stereotypes found by the base line survey of the project. The stereotypes which we have emphasized during the work with children are related to the distribution of roles in the family, managing emotions, violence against children, free time activities. The results we gained at the end of the project, allow us to assert that the materials we have elaborated are can be used as an effective tool to combat this kind of stereotypes and prejudice.

Here you can learn about children`s opinions about gender stereotypes in Moldova, which we interviewed as part of the project.

This webinar could be of interest to child protection specialists, especially project implementers, teachers, and animators.

About presenters:

Octombrina Moraru has been working as a child protection specialist with Terre des homme Moldova since 2015. She is coordinating the project “For a violence free life of children in Moldova”, mainly focused on promoting various actions aiming to prevent violence against children by engaging men and boys.  Since 2004 she has been active also in the field of children protection, with specialization in development of Ludoteca, an animation program for children aged between 7 to 18, and psychosocial activities.  

Anatolii Oprea graduated social work at Free International University of Moldova. He continued his career at the Justice Resource Institute in the United States, where he worked as a clinical coordinator. He joined Terre des hommes Moldova in 2015 as a consultant involved in developing and adapting different programs on preventing violence within the project “For a violence free life of children in Moldova” with a focus on active involvement of men and boys. Since 2014 he also teaches at the Free International University of Moldova, at the Psychology, Educational Sciences and Social Assistance faculty. 

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