Child Safeguarding in Emergencies

Date of webinar: 
30 Mar 2017
Start and finish time of webinar: 
13.00 CET
Cat Carter
Mubarak Maman
Keeping Children Safe

Drawing on their experiences from Somalia to South Sudan to Sierra Leone, Mubarak Maman, Save the Children's Child Safeguarding Director and Cat Carter, Senior Child Safeguarding in Emergencies Advisor, will together talk on child safeguarding in emergency environments.

The webinar will cover the following points:

 •    Why children are more vulnerable to abuse and exploitation in emergencies 
•    The challenges & how to keep children safe from abuse & exploitation during emergency responses
•    Child-led child safeguarding risk assessments & how to run them 
•    An introduction to child-safe programming 
•    How to increase accountability to children & their families in this crucial aspect of our work 

About the presenters:  

Cat Carter has spent the last seven years travelling to conflict and emergency responses around the world, working with children and families to document their experiences and needs, and supporting Save the Children’s humanitarian responses. A specialist in safeguarding children in conflict, Cat has travelled extensively to the Syria region and has responded to conflicts in Iraq, South Sudan, Somalia and Gaza. Key issues Cat has focused on include sexual exploitation and abuse, the targeting of children in war, the impact of conflict on children and their mental health, and the extensive use of child torture in the Syria conflict. Cat has also responded to emergencies in Sierra Leone, Haiti, Indonesia, Kenya, Ethiopia, Mongolia, Calais, Jordan, Lebanon and eastern Ukraine. Cat was also one of the first on the ground following the devastating typhoon in the Philippines, the deadly earthquake in Nepal in 2015, and has recently returned from Kenya, where she was part of the team responding to the Horn of Africa food crisis.

Mubarak Maman is a Clinical Psychologist by profession; his current role is International Child Safe Guarding Director for EA and MEE Regions. He has 20 years’ of experience in international development, human/child rights and protection in different countries. Prior to this role, he was with Save the Children as Zanzibar representative Tanzania programme. Mubarak worked as a lecturer of clinical psychology in various universities in Sudan before he joined the UN peacekeeping Mission. Mubarak has extensive skills and substantial experience in technical and managerial supervision of child safeguarding, child protection and child rights programming. He has worked on building and strengthening child protection systems in Zanzibar, Darfur, North Sudan, South, Sudan and Pakistan. Other areas of expertise include child participation, psychosocial support, accountability to children and advocacy.

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