[ChildHub webinar in Serbian] Guidelines for child protection - the application of standards for the protection of children from violence in a local organization

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Date of webinar: 
24 Dec 2018
Start and finish time of webinar: 
12:00-13:00 Serbian time
Tanaskovic Nikola, National Program Development Director (NPDD)
The Network of Organizations for Children of Serbia

A webinar titled "Guidelines for the Child protection - Implementation of standards for the protection of children from violence in a local organization" is organized by the Network of Organizations for Children of Serbia (MODS) together with SOS Children's Villages Serbia in order to strengthen the capacities of organizations working with children, primarily members of the MODS, in providing an adequate response in the situation of child rights protection, to be protected from any form of violence. Also, the goal for the participants is to get acquainted with the basic set of procedures that SOS Children's Villages Serbia uses in order to adequately respond to and effectively address child safeguarding, as well as giving directions to local organizations to adjust procedures to their work context.

About the presenter:

Nikola Tanasković is a psychologist, and he is employed by SOS Children's Villages Serbia as director for program development. He is in charge of monitoring and ensuring the quality of work of all programs that SOS Children's Villages Serbia conducts on the territory of Serbia, as well as on the development of new programs directed at children without parental care and children who are at risk of being left without parental care. In addition, he also performs the function of a national child protection person within the organization, and is responsible for coordinating all activities of the organization aimed at preventing violence against children and reacting when child safety is endangered.

Webinar recording is available here.

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