From a child’s brain perspective: Punishment vs. consequence (CHILDHUB webinar in Croatian)

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Date of webinar: 
24 Sep 2018
Start and finish time of webinar: 
18pm CET
Mia Roje, Psychologist in Child and Youth Protection Center of Zagreb
Brave Phone

Old folk saying is that “The bludgeon came out of the heaven”, and it is easy to answer why is that so; if it stayed there, it would not be heaven anymore. Many adults today, from their own experiences, family opinions, values and beliefs, support punishment as a method of raising children and as a medium of change in children’s behavior.

Punishment does not include only physical violence, but also the use of any kind of uncomfortable stimulus or experience, that is, taking away from a person something precious and important to her. Except in the context of raising children in a family home, the system often throughout history applied punishment under a mask of a positive intention for children.  Although it is undisputable that for inadequate, and especially delinquent behavior at the expense for others, child or a young person should experience certain consequences. Research and clinical practice show that classic use of punishment is not effective in terms of learning or long-term changes.

The goal of this webinar is to offer an insight in the nature of brain functioning of children and young people, so that inefficacy of some common methods of punishment can be explained from a neurobiological perspective; in contrast to efficacy of choosing different consequences of unwanted behavior, so that we do not raise adult perpetrators from juvenile ones, but competent and hardworking members of society.

Webinar is aimed for professionals working with youth who are in conflict with the law: judges, state attorneys, attorneys, police officers, social workers, psychologists, social pedagogues, expert associates for youth, counselors and experts for children and young people as well as people dealing with research work in this area.


About the presenter:

Mia Roje is a psychologist in Child and Youth Protection Center of Zagreb. She finished a 4 year program of education in Integrative psychotherapy at Croatian Association of innovators-entrepreneurs, she is a practitioner and master of NLP, longtime volunteer and a member of educational team Brave Phone. In her daily work, she deals with direct work with children and families, and research and publishing activities. She is in a continuous cooperation with media (RTL, Nova TV, HRT, Radio Sljeme). In 2016/2017 she coordinated a National research about preschool children in front of TV. She participates on a numerous national and international conferences, of a scientific or professional kind, about the question of child protection and children’s rights. Her special interest in work and for further perfecting are children in high conflict divorces, about which she holds lectures to professionals of various profiles (Judicial Academy, Centre for Social Care). Also, she is a member of EAPAP (European Association of Parental Alienation Practitioners). At the moment she is engaged as an external associate on a project AWAY, as a mentor to professionals who work with children within judiciary and social care.


The project AWAY is being co-funded by the European Union's Rights, Equality, Citizenship program.

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