CPC Learning Network Webinar Participatory Action Research with Vulnerable Children and Youth

Date of webinar: 
12 Feb 2014
Amy Ritterbusch
CPC’s PLG Coordinator for Colombia
Universidad de los Andes

On February 19th, 2014, Amy Ritterbusch, Universidad de los Andes, and CPC’s PLG Coordinator for Colombia shared her experience conducting this participatory action research with street youth in Bogotá. Amy discussed the ethical dilemmas and challenges her research team faced while working with children and youth that form part of vulnerable and excluded populations, particularly in regards to a difficult topic like substance abuse and will offer methodological insight as to how to negotiate these dilemmas in the participatory action research process. Amy presented data from two studies, an 18-month NSF-funded study with street girls in Bogota, Colombia and a 12-month study funded by the Center for Security and Drug Studies at Universidad de los Andes.

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