Developing a Comparable Child Protection Index - the Experience of ChildPact

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Date of webinar: 
16 Sep 2015
Start and finish time of webinar: 
15.00 CET
Mirela Oprea, Andy Guth


Last November we marked the twenty-five year anniversary of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. Ever wondered how we could measure the degree of implementation of the UNCRC?

ChildPact and its members built and piloted an independent tool - the Child Protection Index - to measure each country’s child protection reform in accordance with the UNCRC’s rights based approach and the systems approach to child protection. The Child Protection Index has  been piloted in five countries (Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Moldova and Georgia) and four main countries will join soon (Kosovo*, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania and Armenia). Built on 13 different articles of the UNCRC, the Index framework includes 626 indicators, that together measure a state’s policy and actions towards greater child protection.

The Child Protection Index is designed to encourage regional cooperation, stimulate more robust implementation of the UNCRC, and serve as an early warning system for countries when they depart from a sound trajectory in child protection.

This pilot year serves as a baseline for analysis and building data sets over time. It is our hope that the Index will allow for a new level of engagement between child protection experts in civil society, citizens, donors and government policy makers in countries throughout the region in years to come.

With the Index ChildPact seeks to:

1. Provide a rigorous, yet accessible evidence base that can inform policy debates;

2. Help unite various sectors and actors (government, civil society and academia) under shared principles and increase collaboration;

3. Identify gaps between policy and practice by documenting facts on the ground;

4. Encourage cross-border learning among CEE/CIS countries, by highlighting the experience of countries that have succeeded in key child protection areas;

5. Facilitate alignment of donor strategies for child protection, by creating an accessible dashboard of donor investments.

Join us for a webinar to hear more about the Index and about how this could be relevant for your work.

See the video of ChildPact talking about the purpose and utility of the Child Protection Index.

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