Disrupting the Progression from Early Screen Use to Screen Addiction

Date of webinar: 
14 Jan 2019
Start and finish time of webinar: 
3:30 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)
Cris Rowan, occupational therapist and founder of Zone’in Programs
Hilarie Cash, Ph.D., co-founder and Chief Clinical Officer of reSTART Life, PLLC
Children`s Screen Time Action Network

Most conversations about children and screen time focus on a particular age-range, such as young children, tweens, or teens. This webinar will connect the dots between early excessive screen use and youth media addiction. Join experts Cris Rowan, occupational therapist and founder of Zone’in programs, and Hilarie Cash, Ph.D., founder and Director of reSTART Internet Addiction Recovery program, as they provide specific, practical, early interventions that prevent children’s screen use from impacting their future. They relate stories told by children of all ages about how unrestricted screen time and media content shaped their relationships, education and opportunities.

Cris Rowan, BScBi, BScOT, SIPT Cris Rowan is a pediatric occupational therapist, biologist, speaker, and author of “Virtual Child.” She is passionate about changing the ways in which children use technology. Cris’s concept of Balanced Technology Management urges more engagement in four critical factors for development and learning: movement, touch, human connection, and nature.

Hilarie Cash is Chief Clinical Officer and co-founder of reSTART Internet/Computer Addiction Services and co-developer of reSTART's Video Game and Internet Treatment Program. Hilarie is a speaker, teacher, and author and has appeared, among other places, on ABC News, CNN, NPR, PBS, the BBC, and in print in the Seattle Times, U.S.A. Today, U.S. News and World Report, and the New York Times.


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