Establishing organization practice/operation based on the rights of the child/Specific approaches, webinar in Serbian

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Date of webinar: 
25 Jan 2017
Start and finish time of webinar: 
12 CET
Jelena Zunic - Cicvarić, Magistra of didactic and methodical sciences
The Network of Organizations for Children of Serbia -MODS

The webinar will be dedicated to the concept of the Rights of the Child, its understanding and its application in everyday work of organizations and individuals who work with children. How do we as professionals, experts, and activists integrate an approach based on children's rights into our work; how do we ensure that our work is consistent and based on the Rights of the Child, on the basic principles of the Convention on the Rights of the Child? We will raise issues on the relationships between child rights, human rights, gender equality, the situation of children from vulnerable groups (children with disabilities, Roma children), and discrimination. How much do we recognize and how do we integrate specific approaches - gender aspect, antidiscrimination, and human rights in the work of our organizations?

About lecturers:

Jelena Zunic - Cicvarić, Magistra of didactic and methodical sciences, a PhD student on the subject of education for children rights. She works at Užice Center for Children Rights as a program director. She gained significant expert knowledge and skills through the work of associations and as an associate of many institutions working with children, professionals working with and for children, and parents in the fields of: children rights, interculturality, Montessori methods in work with children with disabilities, participatory methodologies and anti-discrimination work methodology. She is an author of numerous accredited programs and professional articles and books in these areas.


Radovan Cicvarić, Master on children rights, the director of Užice Center for Children Rights. He has been professionally engaged in children rights issues for 17 years. As a consultant, he participated in the development of several study programs on the Rights of the Child and carried out over 200 training sessions on this topic. He is a lecturer in the Empower Studies, PCF-Switzerland, and an author of many programs, professional papers and publications on the Rights of the Child.


The recording of the webinar is available HERE.

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