Harmful sexual behaviour in sport

Date of webinar: 
22 Mar 2017
Child Protection in Sport Unit

Harmful or inappropriate sexual behaviour by young people in sport As parents and volunteers with young people, we all want to do the best we can to protect them, while giving them the freedom they need to develop towards adulthood. But we must ensure this is done in a safe environment with established boundaries.

What is harmful or inappropriate sexual behaviour?

Harmful or inappropriate sexual behaviour may include: 

  • using sexually explicit words and phrases
  • inappropriate touching
  • using sexual violence or threats
  • sexual activity that involves force, coercion or persuasion
  • sexual bullying – both online and offline – for example enticement to perform sexual acts, production of sexual photos, sexting.

Sexual behaviour between children is also considered harmful if one of the children is much older, particularly if there is more than two years’ difference in age or if one of the children is pre-pubescent and the other isn’t.

However, children can be sexually abused by same aged peers, and a younger child can abuse an older child, particularly if they have power over them – for example, if the other child has a disability (Rich, 2011; Yates et al, 2012).

In some instances adults have also been sexually assaulted by young people. 

This webinar will look at harmful sexual behaviour in sport and what organisations can do to minimise the risk to children and young people.

Presented by Carol Carson, an independent social work consultant and trainer with over 30 years' experience in the management and delivery of children's social care services. 

The cost of webinar is free.

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