How to make the most of information management in coordination?

Date of webinar: 
16 May 2016
Start and finish time of webinar: 
15:00 - 16:30

Effective Information management (IM) aims to make accurate, relevant information available to decision-makers in an accessible format. As such, IM is a key function of the humanitarian coordination architecture (clusters, ICC and HCTs). But with so many organisations involved in humanitarian response, and with such varied quality and availability of information, humanitarian IM is an extremely challenging activity. 

On May 16th, ALNAP will host the third of four webinars in a series focusing on humanitarian coordination. The webinar will specifically address the role of information management in humanitarian coordination mechanisms. We are delighted to be joined by expert panellists: 

• William S. Chemaly will present his experiences of leading data processes in several countries including Afghanistan, Burundi, Colombia, Ecuador, DR Congo, Kenya, Haiti, Serbia and Yemen during his time at the Joint IDP Profiling Service (JIPS). 
• Francesco Frezzetti, ACAPS Information Analyst, will share his experiences of supporting the information management for UNDAC deployments in disasters as well as for HR&S – Health Ricerca e Sviluppo. 
Additional panellists may be confirmed before the webinar. 

Participants are encouraged to register and submit their questions for the discussion!


Please find the registration page for the webinar here.

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