Inner world difference - causes of conflicts (Childhub Webinar)

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Date of webinar: 
14 Jun 2019
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Kateryna Ignatenko
Serhii Dakhno

Kateryna Ignatenko – a child protection, mediation and community dialogue specialist, a trainer, a PhD in pedagogical sciences, an associate professor of the Department of Social Work at the Taras Shevchenko Luhansk National University

Serhii Dakhno - practical psychologist, trainer, gestalt therapist specializing in "Crises and Injuries" with more than 6 years experience in practical work.

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About the webinar:

Conflict ... Can a person live without conflicts? How do you understand what conflict is, what emotions are causing a conflict? Fear? Anger? Feel guilty? Whether a conflict can be a new challenge for the development and understanding of oneself and others. Can it be not destructive, but positive and hopeful, and how can it be transformed?

On the webinar, you will learn about the causes of conflicts, including those that are related to violations of personal "borders", the establishment of their own borders and how to behave cautiously to the borders of others.

We are different, we live in different worlds and, of course, we experience different needs ... A profound understanding of needs becomes the foundation for the development of interpersonal relationships, the strength to stabilize our own emotional state. You will learn what to do to understand the needs, listen to your emotions. Emotions are intelligent - it's a language, they send a signal that our basic needs are not satisfied. Fear warns of a possible threat. Anger says that the situation is wrong and maybe something needs to be fixed. Guilt suggests that you need to be sensitive to important relationships. If we manage to listen to our feelings, then we can understand the feelings of others! And in this our system of information perception channels helps us. Thanks to participating in the webinar, we will learn about its influence on the effectiveness of resolving conflicts, we will deal with the leading channel of our own perception.

And, in the end, we will consider conflict resolution strategies that are most successful in one or another situation.
The webinar is intended for teachers, specialists working in the system of protection of children, psychologists, social workers and social educators.

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