Involving marginalised young people in preventing sexual exploitation

Date of webinar: 
28 Oct 2015
Start and finish time of webinar: 
3.00 pm CET
Ms. Marina Kutsak, Dr. Olga Kolpakova

Dr. Olga Kolpakova

Ms. Marina Kutsak

During the webinar Stellit, an NGO based in St Petersburg Russia, will share their experience of supporting the Youth Volunteer Movement, that involve students from institutional care or who come from socially and economically disadvantaged families.  

The movement “Do You Know the Way? Do it Your Own Way…” was founded in 2009. It involves students aged between16 to 24, who are attending vocational schools in St. Petersburg. The young people are trained and take part in a number of activities, and with the support of Stellit, they develop and implement a number of interactive peer-to-peer activities aimed at preventing risky behaviour among their peers. These activities include games, theater performances, dance group flash mobs and exhibitions.

During the webinar detailed information about the movement and its achievements will be presented; ethical challenges that arose from supporting the Youth Volunteer Movement will be covered and reflections and recommendations on how to involve young people at risk into peer-to-peer prevention activities will be sharing.


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