"Models and Good Practices for Family Empowerment in Protecting the Children": SOS Children's Villages Albania example (Childhub webinar in Albanian)

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Date of webinar: 
11 Apr 2019
Start and finish time of webinar: 
3:30 - 4:30 pm
Destemona Toptani, Family Empowerment Advisor, SOS Children's Villages Albania
Helga Smakaj (Bushati), Family Empowerment Coordinator, SOS Children's Villages, Shkodra.

Lecturer 1: Destemona Toptani, Family Empowerment Advisor, SOS Children's Villages Albania

Destemona has a BA in Social Work at the University of Tirana. Since 2004 has contributed to the field of social protection and children's rights through various projects focusing on children. During 2008-2010 he worked as coordinator and case manager in community programs implemented by SOS in Tirana. Since 2011, she is an expert of the National Program Development Department at SOS Children's Villages in Albania. Currently, main focus of her work is drafting policies, strategies and manuals that relate to the field of community programs of this organization.

Lecturer2: Helga Smakaj (Bushati), Family Empowerment Coordinator, SOS Children's Villages, Shkodra.

Helga has an BA in "Teaching" and "Social Work" with the Unversity of Shkodra, and holds a Master's Degree in "Organizational Psychology". She has a long experience in the social and developmental field as Director of the Shkodra Development Center and the Regional Director of the National Observatory for People with Disabilities. Since 2008, she has been working as Shkodra Program Coordinator at the SOS Children's Village Albania organization.

Childhub Albania

In the recent years, based on reflections and lessons learned in the field of child protection, the need to support and empower the family as an effective mean to avoid violence and promote the wellbeing of children has been identified. Not surprisingly, INSIPRE 4th strategy aims to "Support Parents and Guardians" as one of the 7 forms of combating violence against children, developed by major UN and International Child Focused Organisations.

In Albania, the SOS Children's Village organization has worked for many years to support and empower the families. The international organization has designed and applied a specific model of work for the SOS CVs everywhere, and has managed to collect evidences of successful cases.

This webinar targets all first-line child protection professionals working directly with children, their families, and their communities. It will address the following issues:

SOS CV model for family strengthening:

  • Working standards for preventing family segregation / disruption
  • Direct family empowerment through support for child development and parental capacity building.

  • Overview of the case management approach

Positive practice:

  • Presenting a concrete case of a family with a high risk level
  • Ilustrative Video

Please note this webinar will be in Albanian.

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