The place of the special child in the mind of his/her parents: the psychoanalytic and the systemic perspective [Webinar in Bulgarian language]

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Date of webinar: 
30 Mar 2018
Borislava Mecheva, family therapist and supervisor
Kalina Yordanova, clinical psychologist and a psychoanalytically informed therapist
Know-how centre for alternative care for children at New Bulgarian University

About the webinar

After the webinars, conducted by Kalina Yordanova and Borislava Mecheva, a lot of specific questions related to the practice were made. Thus came the suggestion for this webinar to try to unite the efforts of two different therapeutic perspectives in order to better understand the so called special children.

Some children are conceived after a long period of waiting for this special moment. Others are the result of numerous attempts, medical interventions and/or in vitro procedures. There are children born in the aftermath of war violence, to families with chronic illness or to aging parents. What do these children have in common? How do parents mentalize about their babies and what image of the child do they construct? This webinar explores the place of the child imagined as special and looks into the family dynamics that constructs her position.

This webinar is designed for professionals who consult children and families in social welfare and mental health context, as well as for parents and students.

The webinar will be held on March 30, 2018. from 14.00 to 15.30 EET.

About the lecturers

Kalina Yordanova is a clinical psychologist and a psychoanalytically informed therapist. She holds a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from Sofia University St. Climent Ohridski and a PhD from UCL, UK. Kalina Yordanova is a practicing psychotherapist since 2007 as a member of NGOs including Doctors without borders (MSF) and as a private practitioner.

Borislava Mecheva is a family therapist and supervisor, chair of the Bulgarian Association of Family Therapy ( and trainer at the Institute of Family Therapy ( She has experience as a researcher and project manager at the New Bulgarian University in the field of deinstitutionalization of childcare and counselling experience in the field of child protection against violence.

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