Presentation of the research "I'm not gay mom, I'm a mom" - The parenthood of LGB people in Croatia

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Date of webinar: 
11 Dec 2017
Start and finish time of webinar: 
Sanda Tolić, mag.psych

The lecture will present the research "I'm not a gay mom, I am a mum" - The parenthood of LGB people in Croatia, which was also the first research in Croatia on this topic. 
The main purpose of this research was to gain insight into the experiences and well-being of LGB parents and children in Croatia. Additionally, the intent was to get acquainted with the experiences, needs and challenges of LGB people in Croatia who would like to be parents and / or they are in the process of planning of parenting.

Research has shown that there are diverse families in LGB parents in Croatia and that they are willing to invest time and resources in the realization of their parenting role despite a number of challenges that they imply. At the same time, the experiences of the LGB family point to the fact that they are mostly not recognized in the existing regulations, laws and public policies of the Croatian society, as well as in non-governmental organizations dealing with children and families. The results have created proposals for the formulation of public policy and professional practice in the form of realization of rights and the welfare of all members of the LGB family.

Sandra Tolic was born in 1985 in Osijek. She graduated psychology at Croatian Studies at the University of Zagreb. Professional and personal development started at NGO Brave Phone where she volunteered and worked as a program coordinator. She has participated in numerous national and international conferences. She is currently working  at the Children's Home Zagreb as a psychologist, the Department of Child Care and the Mother's Home. Education from Gestalt Psychotherapy started in 2012 in Zagreb, at the Institute for Integrative Gestalt Therapy in Wurzburg.. From 2014 to 2016, she participates in summer international psychotherapeutic trainings organized by the Gestalt Institute in Los Angeles and is regularly educated at additional trainings organized by gestalt psychotherapy schools. 

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