Preventing sexual exploitation of adolescent girls in age-disparate transactional sex in Tanzania

Date of webinar: 
30 May 2019
Start and finish time of webinar: 
3pm CEST
Marie-Celine Schulte
CPC Learning Network and LINEA

About the webinar:

From June through August 2018, the Learning Initiative on Norms Exploitation and Abuse (LINEA), with partner organisation Amani Girls Home, feasibility tested 12 new curriculum sessions and 15 original radio drama scenes for transforming social norms underpinning transactional sex between adult men and young adolescent girls in north-western Tanzania. Using qualitative methods, the joint study investigated the community acceptability, contextual and cultural relevance, as well as implementation feasibility, of the curriculum and radio drama. 

During the webinar, the presenter will discuss:

  • Intervention development process: How social norms and gender theories, and qualitative formative research, informed the intervention theory of change, and curriculum and radio drama co-design; 
  • Methods and findings: How qualitative methods contributed to the feasibility study and refinement of the intervention components; 
  • Pilot trial planning: How feasibility study results inform full intervention pilot trial planning and evaluation protocol development.

About the presenter: 

Marie-Celine Schulte, the LINEA Research Fellow, brings fourteen years of experience in applied research and evaluation concerning adolescent rights and development, sexual and gender-based violence, education, economic development, humanitarian response and gender justice. She has designed, led, supervised, analysed and reported on research and evaluation, and provided technical support to programmes, in over 40 low- and middle-income, and conflict-affected countries across Africa, South America, the Middle East and South Asia. Ms. Schulte co-led the design of the LINEA intervention feasibility study with LINEA Principal Investigator, Dr. Ana Maria Buller, and led the fieldwork and analysis of the data with support of Lottie Howard-Merrill, the LINEA Research Assistant.

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