Recognizing and managing uncomfortable emotions: fear, sadness, anger and anxiety (webinar in Bosnian language)

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Date of webinar: 
27 May 2020
Start and finish time of webinar: 
12pm- 1pm CET
Miroslava Marjanović

Miroslava Marjanovic, MA in Psychology, currently in education for children and adolescent psychotherapist, works in Save the Children organization as Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Specialist. Her scope of work is implementation of HEART – Healing and Education through the Arts Programme, education of SCI staff how to provide psychological first aid in crisis and other activities related to the mental health and psychosocial support. Before she starts working with SCI Miroslava worked in school and kindergarten as psychologist. Also, for long time she was associate for CIP Center for Integrative Pedagogy from Belgrade on program “Neither Black nor White -  education for overcoming prejudices, improving tolerance and nurturing interculturalism” and for Center for Educational Initiatives Step by Step from Sarajevo on programs for improvement of education in BH.

Save the Children

To effectively manage our emotions, first we must know how to recognize them and to understand their function. When we said “managing emotions” we are actually talking about controlling our reactions to those e. We cannot change how we feel, but we can increase our awareness of emotions, understand what might be behind it and we can learn to manage our emotional reactions on unpleasant emotions effectively.

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