[Recording of a ChildHub Webinar] Emotional health of social workers

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Date of webinar: 
13 Jan 2016
Start and finish time of webinar: 
13,00 CET
Natalie-Ann McCauley
Humanitarian Wellbeing

The most common knowledge is that people in the profession of helping others can only do so if they first take care of themselves. Yet all too often social workers ignore the tell-tale signs of emotional stress, or burnout. This impacts negatively on their work but of course also on their personal life, their perspectives on the future, energy level, etc. 

Humanitarian Wellbeing is a team of internationally qualified life coaches with backgrounds in social work and psychology, and more than 50 years experience in humanitarian and emergency work. They provide one-on-one counselling sessions as well as webinars like the current one. Natalie McCauley has kindly offered to do this webinar for ChildHub.

This webinar will explore ways managers of support staff (social workers, psychologists, pedagogues) can support the emotional health of their colleagues, and what type of actions they can take or practices they can introduce to avoid the burnout of their staff. It will discuss both the theoretical background to emotional health at the workplace as well as provide practical tips on preventing staff burnout. 

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The recording of the webinar is available HERE.

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