Refugee and Migrant Crisis - German Experience (Childhub Webinar)

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Date of webinar: 
12 Apr 2016
Start and finish time of webinar: 
2 pm CET
Nadja Potthast, Social worker in the youth support system and Angehört founding member
Henning J. Bahr, LL.M, Lawyer

After the refugee crisis emerged in Europe, Germany was one of the countries that accepted a significant number of refugees. They, however, have been facing many difficulties while trying to respond to the crisis and build an efficient system that will take the needs of the most vulnerable groups into consideration.

This webinar is about the system Germany has developed to deal with the crisis, with a special focus on the legal system and the practical challenges that emerge in this process. 

Mr. Bahr will focus on the legal information about the proceedings from the first application to the decision on the request and the legal protection availableto the refugees.

Ms. Potthast will talk about the accommodations for refugees in Berlin and Brandenburg, frequently addressed topics by the people in these accommodations, as well as working and education possibilities, including their practical implementations. In the end, she will provide a short overview on the situation of unaccompanied minors in Berlin.


About the lecturers:

Born in  1977, Henning J. Bahr recieved his licensure as a lawyer according to German law in 2008. He was further accredited as a specialized lawyer for in administrative law in 2012. His main working fields are migration law, environmental law and criminal law. Within these domains, he gives lectures and publishes contrubutions to professional literature.


Ms. Potthast was born in 1987. In Feburary 2011 received Bachelor of Arts in Social Work. In 2012. moved to Berlin and started volunteering in the area of refugee support in various ways. Ms. Potthast is a social worker working with unaccompanied minors and since 2014. the founding member of the association Angehört (, specialized in providing the information to people in receiption centers about the interview during their asylum process.

To learn more consult the online sources provided:

Video of the new "refugee management" system by the federal mirgartion office (BAMF)

You can find the recordings of the webinar HERE.

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From Tdh team,  Serbia. 

From Tdh team,  Serbia. 

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