Regional discussion about capacity building [ChildHub webinar]

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Date of webinar: 
29 Jan 2016
Start and finish time of webinar: 
10.00am CET

The purpose of the first regional, virtual meeting of ChildHub Resource People is to present the findings of the mapping of social service workforce in the region, and based on the findings, discuss and plan local trainings of social workers by the resource people.

The audience of this webinar is limited to resource people of the project - by invitation.

Saša Stefanović
Saša Stefanović's picture
Thank you for your kind

Thank you for your kind invitation, this is to confirm that I will be participating at the Meeting

Irene Stevens
Irene Stevens's picture
Participation in meeting


Just a note to say that I would like to participate.



Miroslava Georgieva
Miroslava Georgieva's picture
joining the webinar

Hello everyone! I'll do my best to join the webinar.





Maša Mirković
Maša Mirković's picture

Hello!  I''ll do my best to join. Regards!

Slavica Milojevic
Slavica Milojevic's picture
Participation approval

Dear friends and colleagues,

I also will be there :)

Wam regards to all



Chendea Catalina
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Hello! ”See” you tomorrow!

Ira Raković
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It would be my pleasure to

It would be my pleasure to participate. I will do my best to join 

Ana Radulescu
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Joining the webinar

Hello everyone! I will participate. Regards!

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