Role of the Global Social Service Workforce Alliance as a Forum to Advance Knowledge and Advocate for Policy Reform

Date of webinar: 
28 Mar 2019
Start and finish time of webinar: 
9–10am CET
Aaron Greenberg, Child protection regional advisor, UNICEF
Dr. Natia Partskhaladze, Senior technical advisor, Global Social Service Workforce Alliance
Global Social Service Workforce Alliance

About the webinar:

Speakers, comprised of Alliance staff and steering committee members, will provide an overview of the Alliance to orientate newer members and new stakeholder groups wishing to become more involved. Presenters will share the history of the development of the Alliance, existing tools and resources, and highlight the work underway. They will also share ideas for how members can become involved in supporting this work, and how to engage with global colleagues. Following the presentation, speakers will answer participants' questions.

With 2,200 members across 134 countries, the Global Social Service Workforce Alliance brings together members and other advocates to strengthen social service workforces at national, regional and global levels. The Alliance works toward a world where a well-planned, well-trained, and well-supported social service workforce effectively delivers promising practices that improve the lives of vulnerable populations.

The mission of the Alliance is to promote the knowledge and evidence, resources and tools, and the political will and action needed to address key social service workforce challenges, especially within low- to middle-income countries. As a convener for an inclusive, representative network of stakeholders, the Alliance aims to create a forum for discourse and collective learning to advance knowledge, and to advocate for workforce-supportive policy reforms.

A full recording of the presentation will be posted on the Alliance’s website following the webinars.

About the speakers:

Aaron Greenberg is the regional advisor on child protection at the UNICEF Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia. Aaron previously held the posts of chief of child protection in the UNICEF Myanmar and UNICEF Georgia Country Offices. In Myanmar, he oversaw UNICEF’s policy, legislative and programmatic support to government and non-governmental partners relating to justice for children, social welfare reforms, trafficking, extreme forms of child labour, migration, protection in emergencies, and children in armed conflict. In Georgia, he helped to steer child care and social work reforms, assisting the Government to close nearly all of the large residential care facilities, and to expand foster care and prevention services. Aaron currently serves on the steering committee of the Alliance. He is based in Geneva.

Dr. Natia Partskhaladze joined the Alliance in 2017 as senior technical advisor. She provides technical leadership and guidance on effective approaches of strengthening the social service workforce, and manages a portfolio of partnerships, initiatives and special activities, such as mapping the social service workforce. She has 18 years of experience in the field of child protection and social service system strengthening, both at the policy and programming level, including 10 years in the UNICEF Country and Regional Offices. Natia is a founder and board member of the Georgian Association of Social Workers, and is working toward a PhD in social work with research on the quality of life of deinstitutionalized children in alternative out-of-home care. She is based in Tbilisi.


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