Safer Internet for Children

Date of webinar: 
17 Sep 2015
Start and finish time of webinar: 
3pm CET
Lidija Kralj, editor of the portal, and professor of mathematics and computer sciences

Research conducted by Brave Phone and the Child Protection Centre of Zagreb on a sample of 1500 children, revealed that 93% of children have a Facebook profile. In 78% of cases, children don`t have any clearly defined rules at home about Internet use. Out of the total sample of children included in the study, 12.1% of them had expeienced some form of online violence through Facebook and 9.6% of them had behaved aggressively towards others. Furthermore, one in every five children stated that they repeatedly or frequently were receiving offensive messages or comments through Facebook.

Evidently, the results show that parents and professionals need assistance in regards to how children use the internet. In our upcoming webinar, Lidija Kralj, a professor in mathermatics and computer sciences, the founder of the portal, and a recipient of the Global Educator Challenge Award, will be taking the opportunity to speak about how our children can protect themselves on the Internet.

Lydia King states that “literacy is an important skill for today’s students, but equally important in the modern age is developing skills in technology that go beyond simply knowing how to use programs; children need to learn about data protection, prevention of over-sharing data, and preventing online violence“.

Webinar is intended for experts from Croatia, Bosnia and Hercegovina and Serbia, but also for experts from other countries who understand Croatian, Bosnian or Serbian language. 


Language of the webinar: Serbo-Bosnian-Croatian. 

To sign up for the webinar, please email Vesna Katalinic at

The recording of the webinar is available HERE.

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