Social Norms on Gender Based Differences, Discrimination and Sex Trafficking in India

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Date of webinar: 
16 Apr 2020
Start and finish time of webinar: 
10:00 - 11:00 am CET
Ms Devaki Purohit

Devaki Purohit is working as an Assistant Manager, Research & Studies Domain, at ASK. ASK is a technical support organization which works with communities on an array of socio-economic issues through research, designing interventions, monitoring and evaluation of development projects and programs, long term accompaniment in organization development and project cycle management.  Through the Research & Studies Domain, Devaki has led and participated in multiple studies on issues of women empowerment, migration, human trafficking, child rights, education, integrated community development and nutrition. Devaki a Postgraduate in Social Work from Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) has a keen interest in deploying research to attune and inform development initiatives.

Child Protection Hub / Terre des hommes

About the webinar:

In India, Terre des hommes Foundation has been working with 35 civil society organisations to transform reintegration practices of service providers to support survivors of trafficking and exploitation return to safe, protective and resilient communities in the states of West Bengal and Jharkhand. In India stigma in the lives of survivors of sex trafficking is multi-layered. It emanates from deeply held socio-cultural beliefs surrounding sexuality and gender roles. It is complex as stigma is present not just in the actions of others and the socio-cultural milieu of the survivor but also in the fears held within a survivor’s mind and her/his own self-concept.

This webinar will share the existing and most prevalent social norms in the context of human trafficking and critically analyse their influence and practice; the emerging social sanctions and identify barriers to transformation of regressive norms, which perpetuate gender discrimination and violence. This webinar will also inform the factors such as beliefs, aspirations, attitudes and their interplay with social issues, such as social networks and support in the context of reintegration of human trafficking. In doing so. It will also highlight the role of the positive deviants within the families, communities and institutions that can trigger a lasting change.

This Webinar would be informative for individuals, researchers and practitioners who wish to employ the ‘social norms’ lens for behavioural change; and for those working on the challenging issue of reintegration of survivors of trafficking.

The report is available in this link.

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