Supporting the Social Service Workforce - Attracting and Retaining Workers in Underserved Areas

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08 Aug 2013
Maury Mendenhall, Orphans and Vulnerable Children Senior Technical Advisor with USAID
Dr. Carmen Dolea of the Health Systems Policies and Workforce division of the WHO
Wanda Jaskiewicz, CapacityPlus Senior Team Leader at IntraHealth International
Global Social Service Workforce Alliance

The webinar discusses tools for attracting and supporting the social service workforce in underserved areas. It explaines the development and use of the Rapid Retention Survey Toolkit and Discrete Choice Experiment (DCE). By applying the DCE methodology to the social service workforce, leaders and practitioners could determine which incentives are most likely to attract workers to a post in an underserved area and which combination of incentives promises to retain the greatest percentage of workers. 

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Maria Oteleanu
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Need for qualified workers in Romania

In the past month as a student intern I've learned a lot about Tdh and all its projects. I've also seen that while there are people with social work "attributions", there still exists a lack of qualified workers (i.e. those with a university degree in the social work field).
I would be really interested to hear more about this topic for 2015 and any new tools that may have been created since 2013.
Another webinar, maybe?

As well, I noticed that on the forum topic "Topics for Webinars", one of the potential topics that Arina Cretu posted would link really well with this (Strengthening social service workforce for child protection)

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