Welcome to the Playground! Interactive and artistic tools to work with children and adults [ChildHub webinar]

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Date of webinar: 
21 Sep 2016
Start and finish time of webinar: 
14:00 CET
Katja Bizjak, trainer and coach

When we work with people we often need to be very creative how to get and keep their attention, involvement and cooperation. Interactive tools (like pictures,  cards, cubes, blocks, miniatures, puppets...) or artistic tools (making collage, artwork, drawing) offer us great variety of possibility how to start, deepen or conclude the session, it doesn’t matter if we talk about work “one on one” or work with group of children or adults.

Symbolic and artistic ways of expression are extremely powerful tool. They bring material from unconscious to conscious and this is where the healing of trauma happen. It’s very useful for work with migrant children, since expressive language can overcome language barrier. Besides this it involves other dimensions of the psyche, not only cognitive part of our functioning.

In webinar we will look at different tools and the presenter will share her experience of working with many different groups, for example children, adolescent, teachers, youth workers in NGO’s, teams in companies. It involves also vulnerable groups (for ex. gay, migrant).

Webinar “Welcome to the playground” will give us some ideas how to use simple tools (which we can also produce by ourselves) to achieve better results and also have fun in work that we do. It’s useful for everyone, who works with people (children and adults) on daily basis– from individual therapy/coaching/counseling, to group sessions or training programs.


About the lecturer:

Katja Bizjak,  trainer and coach

Katja Bizjak has been conducting different seminars, trainings, teambuilding’s and coaching’s for more than 15 years.  The main focus of those programs is on communication, interpersonal relationships, conflict resolution, dealing with difficult clients, motivation, potential development, time and stress management. She uses creative and interactive ways of work, and combines coaching with personal development and knowledge from psychotherapy (transactional analysis, theory of choice, gestalt). 

With a professional background is social pedagogy, Ms. Bizjak is certified Coach with Practitioner Diploma in Executive Coaching, she finished study of Jungian Coaching and study of Creative Expressive Art Therapy.Ms. Bizjak worked 8 years with UNICEF Slovenia, where she was the head of educational programs, dealing with advocacy ad child protection. Currently, Ms. Bizjak works in her company Sandtray, where “learning happens through playing”. 


Reading Materials:

For more information, consult the following websites:





Art Therapy Sourcebook

The Artist Way

To attend the "Epressive Art in Action Confernce", use this link.

To study Expressive Art Therapy, consult the following websites:



You can find webinar recordings here. The webinar summary is available to download below. 

Sanja Skenderija
Sanja Skenderija's picture
Facing with the new

Facing with the new environment when children start school, new friends,

understanding of the concept of teachers and regular learning, create habits of regular learning,

parents have an important role in the socialization of children in the terms of preparing children

through the conversation, testify about the period when the parent was a child, giving good examples, etc.


Vanisha Jassal
Vanisha Jassal's picture
Being creative with direct work

I deliver an MA module on direct work with children and know that this remains an area where many practitioners feel less confident.  It would be good to learn about more creative and engaging ways of helping children and particularly young people.


Ivana Ristovska
Ivana Ristovska's picture
Great webinar!!

Great webinar!!

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