Webinar: Working with uncooperative families [ChildHub webinar]

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Date of webinar: 
09 Jul 2015
Start and finish time of webinar: 
10am CET
Stephanie Delaney
Terre des hommes

Working with families where there are child protection concerns is often difficult - but it is made especially challenging where either parents do not recognise that there is a problem, or deny that there is any cause for concern.  This webinar considered some of the reasons for this, the impact on workers and explored some strategies for working with families where they are resistant to support.

You can continue the discussion about the issue in our forum.

Please also see the serious online game for experiencing an 'uncooperative' family visit, as a social worker.

The Center for Child Protection of the University of Kent (UK) offers child protection simulation (serious game) as a safe new medium to explore and reflect upon child protection assessment. It offers professionals, at all stages of their careers, a unique way to evaluate child protection situations. 

'Rosie 1' (Virtually Safe) is part of a suite of training opportunities being developed by the University of Kent to enhance professional training. Download the game 

Tdh Moldova has developed training moduls for social assistants, which covers this topic as well.

You can find the recordings of the webinar HERE.

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Ana Salkurti
Ana Salkurti's picture
This webinar it will be a big

This webinar it will be a big help for my work as Child Protection Development Facilitator

Joseph Aguettant
Joseph Aguettant's picture
Should be interesting!

I recommended this to our colleagues in Gaza, Palestine

TDH Super Admin
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webinar participation

This time we are making sure all who signed up can actually join!

Irene Stevens
Irene Stevens's picture
Working with parents

I'm looking forward to hearing the lecture on working with parents as it is such an important issue in children's participation.

Edlira Bashmili
Edlira Bashmili's picture
I am very happy...attending

I am very happy...attending this lecture...Stephanie is fantastic

Ibolya Gera
Ibolya Gera's picture
waiting for the answer on my question

Dear Stephany, could you recommend some good courses or (better) study curricula on  Europian faculties for competencies in the framework=content of your prezentation today..???

Thank you verry much


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