ChildHub crowdfunding programme

ChildHub is a professional community and interactive platform in the field of child protection. We strive for a safe, nurturing, and inclusive environment for all children in Southeast Europe. Our online platform has already more than 10.000 registered members, while more than 219.000 people visited it in 2019. Thanks to the active engagement of professionals who share their knowledge and experiences in working with the children, our community grows more and more each day! 

You have a great idea that might enhance the protection, the education, or the well-being of children. This idea could be easily adapted to the contexts of other countries in Southeast Europe. And you are looking to raise funds for your idea?

Then we are a match! 

By tapping into our experience in mobilising online communities, we wish to support organisations in Southeast Europe to use crowdfunding for their innovative projects in child protection and education. Crowdfunding is a collaborative practice of promoting an idea or project and raising money from a large number of people, usually via the Internet, in order to make it come true. Learn more about crowdfunding here

We are launching a call for applications for the crowdfunding programme. Organisations are invited to submit their ideas by 31 May (see details below). The top 3 pre-selected ideas will go through a community voting on ChildHub and the winning idea will benefit from our support. 

The crowdfunding campaign will be carried out on an existing crowdfunding platform. We will be there with you in every step of the campaign, from creation to promotion on all our media channels and engagement of our community! 

ChildHub will provide the following support:

  • Plan and prepare the crowdfunding campaign with you. We will create a landing pages on ChildHub, videos and other promotional materials;
  • Bring the campaign to regional level/ public. We will translate the campaign materials to other languages of the region;
  • Help you to stand out from the crowd, by engaging our media channels and advertise the campaign;
  • Boost the campaign by mobilising our community and identifying goodwill ambassadorss;
  • Information technology and finance support;
  • Advice in the implementation of the project.

Any organisation (preferably non-governmental organisation) fulfilling the following criteria: 

  • officially registered in or with a strong presence and field activity at least in one of the following countries: Albania, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Moldova, North-Macedonia, Romania, Serbia;
  • has the mission to protect children and improve their lives, through various approaches (including by supporting professionals working with children) or the project idea is strongly focused on / target children;
  • has as least 2 years of activity and is able to showcase some achieved promising results.

Overall, the project should aim to improve the protection, education, and well-being of children. Some examples of project ideas: games for children, child-friendly booklets, videos, courses for children or professionals, activity methodologies, but not necessarily something material. 

The project results must be easily replicable/ adapted to other contexts. Therefore, the beneficiary of the crowdfunding must agree to make the output freely available (Creative Commons “product”).

ChildHub will not charge anything for its support. However, all crowdfunding platforms charge a fee for their services. The fee is usually 5% from the collected donations. Up to another 5% might be deducted for financial transactions (exchange and transfer rates).

We will work together with the winning organisation to find the cheapest and most efficient solution/ platform.

To apply, simply fill in this application form by 31 May in English.

In 2020, we are able to support only one idea with a crowdfunding campaign.

The selection process:

  1. All applications will go through a pre-qualification round, where we will verify the organisation’s background, analyse the feasibility and potential impact of the idea.
  2. Pre-qualified organisations will be invited to individual discussions which will help us to better understand the ideas and clarify any questions.
  3. As a result of the discussions, 5 to 10 applicants will be selected to give an “elevator speech” to a panel of senior child protection workers / NGO leaders.
  4. The panel will shortlist three ideas that will go through a ChildHub community voting.
  5. The winning idea will be established based on the community’s response. This final round will allow us to estimate the public’s interest in the idea and identify potential supporters.

The submitted ideas will be handled confidentially during the prioritisation process. Nonetheless, as highlighted above, the ideas should be shared with a wider public during some stages of the selection process.

With reference to copyright, we expect the output to be made freely available (Creative Commons “product”).

Estimated timeline: We aim to carry out the campaign during summer and implement the idea by the end of 2020.

If you have any question, contact us:

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