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Global child trafficking resources

Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida). (2003) Poverty and Trafficking in Human Beings: A Strategy for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings through Swedish International Development Cooperation.
56 p. Trafficking in human beings is an increasingly global problem and must be seen in this development policy perspective. It illustrates the need for close accord between policy areas and cross-border measures.
Max Planck Institute for Foreign and International Criminal Law. (2003). From Poverty to the Trafficking of Women for Sexual Exploitation: A Study of Causal Factors of Trafficked Women from Moldova.
18 p. exorbitant amounts of unemployment and poverty have sky rocketed as well as has a lack in the rule of law, and inappropriate judicial systems which have allowed black market economies and corruption to flourish.
Fafo (2007). Leaving the past behind? When victims of trafficking decline assistance.
162 p. Authored by Brunovskis A. and Surtees R. The study considers the reasons that some trafficking victims decline assistance and examines the circumstances under which they do so.
Child Soldier Youth Project
With an estimated 350,000 children currently serving as child soldiers in more than 30 conflicts around the world, Virtue Foundation has pledged to help educate, rehabilitate, and reintegrate former child soldiers in the Democratic Republic of Con
Rispoli, Joseph. (2006). Feasibility Study on Recovery and Reintegration Schemes for Children Victims of Trafficking: Case Studies of Hajja, Hodeida, and Al Mahweet Governorates. 70 p.
"Based on practical recommendations resulting from observations, consultations, and data collected from respondents during fieldwork, the study devised an implementation plan for MoSAL and other relevant stakeholders to consider during attempts to
Terre des hommes Netherlands. (2005). Sweet Hazards. Child labor on sugarcane plantations in the Philippines.
41 p. This report aims to illustrate the hazardous labor done by children worldwide by highlighting one particular case.


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