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Global child trafficking resources

Davies, J. (2004). What is wrong about fighting to end ?Prostitution and Sexual Exploitation??
22 p.This paper examines the Evangelicals alliance with sections of the Radical Feminist movement that is intended to oppose abuse in prostitution and sex trafficking.
The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation. (2002. The Tip of the Iceberg - the Global Impact of HIV/AIDS on Youth.
15 p. While HIV/AIDS has always been an epidemic of young people, the current impact may well be but the tip of the iceberg.
Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women (GAATW) at al. (2008). Investigaci’_n tripartit sobre trata de mujeres: Brasil, Rep’_blica Dominicana y Surinam. Una intervenci’_n en red. 196 p.
La Trata de personas (especialmente de mujeres) desde Brasil y la Repblica Dominicana, hacia Surinam, como conexin para Holanda (incluyendo a las Antillas Holandesas), representa una realidad que exige respuestas articuladas.
United Nations Office on Drug and Crime (UNODC). (2008). Model Law against Trafficking in Persons. 75 p.
The UNODC Model Law against Trafficking in Persons was developed by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) in response to the request of the General Assembly to the Secretary-General to promote and assist the efforts of Member States
Street Children in Sao Paulo, Brazil - Pixote (part 1 of 13)
This is certainly the finest film ever made about street children and a great film by any criteria.
Save the Children UK. (2006). From Camp to Community: Liberia study on exploitation of children.
20 p. The people of Liberia have experienced ongoing suffering over the past two decades as a result of war and displacement.
Preece, D. (2005). The Return and Reintegration of victims of Trafficking from Cambodia to Thailand.
30 p. Since 1996, Missions of the International Organisation for Migration (IOM)in the Mekong Sub Region have been working to establish orderly and sustainable systems of return, recovery and reintegration for victims of cross border trafficking.
Smolin, D.M. (2005). The Two Faces of Intercountry Adoption: The Significance of the Indian Adoption Scandals
91 p. In Seton Hall Law Review Thirty-Five.Number Two (2005): 403-493.This article summarizes international law, and the law of India and the United States, relevant to intercountry adoption.


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