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Global child trafficking resources

Agustin, L.M. (2001). Sex Workers and Violence Against Women: Utopic Visions or Battle of the Sex.
Society for International Development, Vol. 44, No. 3, Sept. 2001. The author uncovers some of the myths around sex workers and the clients.
1222. Ann’©e de la Premi’åre D’©claration Africaine des Droits de lŠ—…Homme.
1 p. Effectivement c'tait en 1222 que Soundiata Keita, alors souverain de l'empire du Mali, proclama la Charte 198 du Mand - ou le Serment du Mand lors de son intronisation.
His Majesty's Government of Nepal, Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare (MWCSW). (2002). United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child ? Nepal's Second and Third (combined) Periodic National Report (1977-2002).
82 p. Deals with the implementation of the Rights of the Child, and covers all the efforts that have been made to translate the Convention into reality and mentions the challenges faced since 1996.
Ministry of Women and Child Development, Government of India. (2005). Ministry of Women and Child Development India. Manual For Social Workers Dealing With Child Victims Of Trafficking And Commercial Sexual Exploitation.
216 p.This manual looks at both sides of the problem, the staff and the child victims, and provides strategies and ideas that can be used by the staff to help them perform their roles better within the institution while keeping the child victim at
International Organisation for Migration (IOM). (2001). In Search of Dreams: Study on the Situation of the Trafficked Women and Children from Bangladesh and Nepal to India.
47 p.Poor people, particularly women and children of Bangladesh and Nepal often become victim of unscrupulous recruiters ending up in jobs and living conditions that are completely different from what they had been promised.
International Organization for Migration (IOM). (2008). Indigenous Routes: A Framework for Understanding Indigenous Migration.
88 p. As migration has not commonly been considered as part of the indigenous experience, the prevalent view of indigenous communities tends to portray them as static groups, deeply rooted in their territories and customs.
Guerrilla Girls of the PKK -Turkey
January 2005. Following a spate of recent attacks, Turkey is desperate to eliminate the PKK. But as this exclusive report reveals, uprooting them from their heavily armed base in Northern Iraq will be difficult.
Cyprus's struggle with the sex trade - 28 March 08
Cyprus stands accused by the US state department of having the worst record for human trafficking in Europe, with campaigners saying as many as 4,000 women a year are taken to the island and forced to work as prostitutes.
UN Special Representative of the Secretary- General (SRSG) on the Violence against Children. 2011. Annual Report of the Special Representative of the Secretary- General on Violence against Children. 25 p.
"The present report complements the annual report of the Special Representative to the Human Rights Council (A/HRC/16/54) and reviews key developments and initiatives promoted to advance progress in the follow-up to the study at the global, region


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