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Global child trafficking resources

Centre for Research and Social Development (CRSD). (2004). Child Trafficking for Camel Races: A Perspective from Pakistan.
64 p. Pakistan is a country of origin, transit, and destination for women and children trafficked for purposes of sexual exploitation and bonded labor.
The Protection Project (2008). Comoros. 2 p.
A French diplomat in Comoros was accused of luring young people to engage in pornography in exchange for money and visas to France. A Comoros newspaper reported on a network that sent Comoran girls to join European pornographic networks.
A full-length movie on girl trafficking and HIV/AIDS, was produced by the NGO Media Alert and Relief Foundation with private funds and with support from the Government of Nepal, The POLICY Project (a USAID project implemented by The Futures Group
Joe-Cannon, I., Editor, and the Coalition Against Trafficking in Women (CATW). (2006). Primer on the Male Demand for Prostitution.
13 p.This Primer was originally developed to assist European antitrafficking projects in the Baltic States in challenging the legalization and decriminalization of prostitution industries and in focusing on the demand.
The Population Council (2008). Early marriage and sexual and reproductive health risks: Experiences of young women and men in Andhra Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh, India. 84 p.
In India, recent programmatic initiatives in the field of adolescent and youth sexual and reproductive health have begun to recognise the heterogeneity of young people.
ECPAT International. (2005). Violence against Children in Cyberspace.
96 p. This report was written by ECPAT International with leading experts around the world as a contribution to the UN Study on Violence Against Children.
Child Slavery pt 8 of 10
A documentary about child slavery in the developing world...child slavery poverty third world Asia Africa south America human rights violation prostitution jackdoodle
International Organisation for Migration (IOM). (1996). Trafficking in Women to Italy for Sexual Exploitation.
Brussels: IOM. 30 p. This exploratory study is one of the first to examine the growing problem of trafficking in women to Italy.


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