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Global child trafficking resources

1951. United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). Convention and Protocol Relating to the Status of Refugees.
The Convention consolidates previous international instruments relating to refugees and provides the most comprehensive codification of the rights of refugees yet attempted on the international level.
Operation Priscilla - South Africa
January 2005. Police in South Africa have infiltrated a major child sex syndicate. Girls as young as ten were fed drugs to force them into a life of prostitution. Priscilla is only 16 but already she's a hardened prostitute.
Terre des hommes Foundation and Sanlaap. (2012). Our Stories: Reintegration Experiences of Survivors of Trafficking and Exploitation. 122 p.
Terre des hommes in India in collaboration with its partner organization Sanlaap has captured in a newly published document the reintegration journey of 10 survivors of trafficking in West Bengal.
Maiti Nepal (2010). Youth-Led Study in the Vulnerability of Young Girls Working in Restaurants, Bars and Massage Parlours in Kathmandu. 78 p.
Developed and conceptualized by the YPP Youth from Maiti Nepal, CWIN & Bishwas Nepal, this youth-led survey looked into the specific vulnerabilities of the young girls involved in employment in the food and service industries in
Sisters Offering Support. (undated). PIP Training.
34 p. Implemented in 1998, the Prostitution Intervention Project (PIP) is a peer-based alternative sentencing program for adult and juvenile prostitution offenders and non-offenders.
Eriksson, M. (2004) Draft Report on the Consequences of the Sex industry in the European Union.
Committee on Women's Rights and Equal Opportunities, Motion for a European Parliament Provision on the Consequences of the Sex industry in the European Union.
Tyuryukanova, E. (2003). Labour migration in the context of globalization.
6 p. Population migration always accompanied world large-scale changes such as colonization, industrialization, world wars or crises.


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