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Global child trafficking resources

Renault, R. (2006). Survey on street-based Child Sexual Exploitation in Cambodia: Overview of 7 provinces.
43 p. Commissioned by Action Pour Les Enfants. The Survey on street-based Child Sexual Eploitation in Cambodia was carried out in 7 provinces. This survey was done between January and March 2006.
International Labour Organization (ILO). (2005). The Mekong Challenge. Analysis Report of the Baseline Survey for the TICW Project Phase II in Yunnan Province.
122 p.Due to the lack of information about the scale, mode, reason and reliable data of labour migration, including irregular and periodic migration, there has been no good understanding of the illegal or non-formal employment situation.
Centre for Health and Population Research. (ICDDR,B). (2001). Trafficking of Women and Children in Bangladesh. An Overview. 84 p.
In recent years, there has been a significant increase in trafficking of women and children in Bangladesh. Very little work has been done to understand the local dynamics of the problem meaningfully.
Afghanistan Research and Evaluation Unit (AREU). (2008). Factors Influencing Decisions to Use Child Labour: A Case Study of Poor Households in Kabul. 60 p.
Authored by Paula Kantor and Anastasiya Hozyainova.By focusing on poor households, which both do and do not use child labour as part of their livelihood portfolios, the study moves the debate beyond poverty as a primary reason for children working
The Protection Project (2008). Poland. 6 p.
Poland is a country of origin, transit, and destination for trafficking in women and children. Destination countries for Polish women and children include Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands.
SIREN (2009). Re-Thinking Reintegration. What do returning victims really want & need? Evidence from Thailand and The Philippines. 8 p.
Re-thinking Reintegration, written by Anders Lisborg, drawing significantly from a forthcoming ILO research report of Filipina and Thai returnees who had previously been trafficked.
Suicide bombers in Sri Lanka - 28 Nov 07
Tony Birtley looks at the deadly suicide bombers in Sri Lanka, speaks to one who was intercepted before carrying out her mission, talks with the proud mother of a suicide bomber who succeeded and contrasts this with the singhalese woman who's daug
Terre des hommes (IFTDH) International Federation. (2004). Kids as Commodities ? Executive Summary.
6 p. Summary of Tdh's study on child trafficking with explanations, reference to UNICEF's Guidelines, and a list of recommendations to the international community, governments and NGOs.
Salah, R. (2001). Child Trafficking in West and Central Africa: An Overview.
UNICEF Regional Office for West and Central Africa. 8 p. Paper presented at the first Pan African Conference on human trafficking, Abuja, 19th - 23rd February 2001.


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