Global child trafficking resources

The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation. (2002. The Tip of the Iceberg - the Global Impact of HIV/AIDS on Youth.
15 p. While HIV/AIDS has always been an epidemic of young people, the current impact may well be but the tip of the iceberg.
Plan International (2007). Because I am a Girl: The State of the World's Girls 2007. 98 p.
Millions of girls are being condemned to a life of inequality and poverty according to a new report from Plan which highlights the appalling situation in which girls find themselves - sometimes through poverty, sometimes because they are young but
The Protection Project (2008). C’‚te dŠ—ÈIvoire. 5 p.
Cte dIvoire is a country of origin and destination for trafficking in women and children. Children from neighboring countries such as Benin, Burkina Faso, the Central African Republic, Ghana, Mali, and Togo are trafficked to Cte dIvoire.
The Protection Project (2008). Maldives. 2 p.
Little information is available on trafficking in persons in Maldives.
Ennew, J. (2008). Exploitation of children in prostitution. 110 p.
Thematic paper. The exploitation of children in prostitution is only one form taken by the commercial sexual exploitation of children.
Street Children in Georgia - A Day on the Streets
You've got to be tough to live on the streets. Even more, you must be smart. I found my mother but she told me I was not her son. Sometimes I think my life would be different if she had not left us. My father began drinking then.
United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA)/ Integrated Regional Information Networks (IRIN). (2003). A Gap in their Hearts: The Experience of Separated Somali Children.
Nairobi: IRIN. 64 p. Report written by Hannan, L., on international child trafficking from Somalia, covering the situation of children in Somalia, the smuggling pattern, the reception in Europe and North America and the situation upon return.
Pakistan Paediatric Association. (2001). Exposure of children to pornography.
8 p. A short assessment on exposure of children to pornography at the Internet Cafes in Pakistan.


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