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Global child trafficking resources

UNICEF Innocenti Research Centre. (2010). Protecting Children from Violence in Sport: A Review with a Focus on Industrialized Countries. 44p.
The UNICEF Innocenti Research Centre commissioned a review of the available empirical research and policy initiatives on this subject.
Infante/Miguel Gonzales Gallegos (2010) El arte de hacer sufrir. Un an’lisis del delito de Trata de personas en torno al establecimiento de la violencia y de sus relaciones de poder. 135 p.
Se trata de una investigacin analtica y conceptual sobre el delito de la trata de personas, desde una mirada filosfica, psicolgica, legal y cultural del delito, y dirigido a organismos estatales, instituciones privadas y personas comprometidas con
Sisters and Daughters Betrayed
This excellent, 30 minute documentary describes many important details about trafficking around the world (Nepal, Philippines, Thailand) It is an excellent analysis of the problem, its effects on individual girls and society, and it is done in a p
The Future Group. (2006). Falling Short of the Mark: An International Study on the Treatment of Human Trafficking Victims.
41 p.This Study has been undertaken to evaluate the progress made by various developed countries towards implementing their international obligations to protect victims of human trafficking, and to assess the treatment given to these victims in co
International Labour Organization (ILO). (2007).Directions for national and international data collection on forced labour. 47 p.
This paper provides some ideas and directions as to how the existing gaps in our understanding of the quantitative dimensions of forced labour could be reduced. The paper discusses three areas in which future work is most urgently needed.
West Bengal State AIDS Prevention and Control Society. Need Assessment Study Report 2005 ? FCSW. 20 p.
West Bengal State AIDS Prevention and Control Society has taken the initiative to saturate the coverage of vulnerable population including Female Commercial Sex Workers.
The Protection Project (2008). Republic of the Congo.3 p.
The Republic of the Congo may be a destination country for children trafficked from the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
The Protection Project (2008). Singapore. 6 p.
Singapore is a country of origin, transit, and destination for trafficking in women and children. Singapore is a country of origin for women trafficked to Australia.
Rape For Who I Am - 26-min documentary
May 2006. As well as facing institutional discrimination, lesbians in South Africa run the risk of being raped because of their sexuality. The authorities seem reluctant to tackle the growing problem.


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