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Global child trafficking resources

The Protection Project (2008). Morocco. 6 p.
Morocco is a country of origin, destination, and transit for trafficking in persons. Moroccans are trafficked to Spain, Italy, and parts of Africa.
Save the Children Denmark Sweden. (2003). Working with Boys and Men to End Gender Discrimination and Sexual Abuse of Girls and Boys.
21 p. This paper is an effort to draw the attention of development practitioners to child sexual abuse (CSA) and the ways child rights programming (CRP) can be used to address it.
Anti-Slavery International, KEDE, KOK, On the Road, STV, Eaves. NGO's Statement on Protection Measures for Trafficked Persons in Western Europe.
7 p. Six NGOs in five European countries provide recommendations to build a stronger legislative framework. It also deals with recommendations for temporary residency, longer term measures, protection and assistance, work permits etc.
Feminist Review. (2004). Trafficking in women in Bulgaria: a new stage.
7 p.At the time of writing, Bulgaria had recently taken one of the biggest steps in combating illegal trafficking: The official acknowledgement of the existence of people trafficking and/in the passing of legislation to regulate it.
Darfur Consortium (2008). Darfur: Abductions, Sexual Slavery and Forced Labour. 28 p.
Research carried out by Darfur Consortium over the last two years, which included field research in three states of Darfur, has found that Government supported militia, like the Janjaweed and the Popular Defence Forces, together with the Sudanese
Hotline for Migrant Workers. (2003). For You Were Strangers. Modern Slavery and Trafficking in Human Beings in Israel.
66 p. Ever since the Israeli government introduced non-Palestinian migrant workers to the local labor market more than a decade ago, there has been a continuous deterioration in their wages and working conditions.
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