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Global child trafficking resources

Venkateswarlu, D. (2007). Child bondage continues in Indian cotton supply chain. 39 p.
More than 416,000 children under the age of 18, and 225,000 younger than 14, are involved in (often bonded) child labour in Indias cottonseed fields. Most of them are girls.
The Protection Project (2008). Bulgaria. 14 p.
Bulgaria is primarily a country of origin for trafficking in women and children. To a lesser extent, it is also a country of transit and destination.
London Safeguarding Children Board (2009). London safeguarding trafficked children toolkit. 100 p.
This toolkit for safeguarding trafficked children provides guidance to professionals and volunteers from all agencies in safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children who are harmed through being trafficked and exploited.
Our Bodies...their battleground: Gender-based Violence during Conflict - September 2004
Our bodies ... their battlegrounds highlights the crisis facing women, girls and infants throughout the world, both during conflict and in its wake.
International Organisation for Migration (IOM). (2003). Seduction, Sale and Slavery: Trafficking in Women and Children for Sexual Exploitation in Southern Africa.
Pretoria: IOM. 89 p. This research study looks both at the trafficking in African women and children and at the'extra-regional' trafficking into South Africa, which includes Thai, Chinese and Eastern European Women.
Save the Children Europe Group (2003). Position Paper on Child Pornography and Internet-related sexual exploitation of children.
26 p. An overview of the problem of child sexual abuse in relation to the Internet from a children's rights perspective. Includes recommendations about how to combat child pornography.
Human Rights Watch (HRW). (1995). Rape for Profit: Trafficking of Nepali Girls and Women to India's Brothel.
United States of America: HRW. 121 p. This report focuses on the trafficking of girls and women from Nepal to brothels in Bombay.


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