Global child trafficking resources

Terre des hommes Foundation. (2005). Aumento della prostituzione minorile Rumena a Roma.
(An increase in prostitution among Romanian minors in Rome. Results of a three-month research project on unaccompanied Romanian children in Rome). 35 p. Italian version of the Report.
Goolsby, C.M. (2003). Dynamics of Prostitution and Sex Trafficking from Latin America into the United States.
13 p. Cultural background, dynamics of exploitation, sex trafficking, impacts upon the United States, recommendations for professionals.
Watchlist on Children and Armed Conflict . (2007). Sudan?s Children at a Crossroads. An Urgent Need for Protection. 76 p.
The report addresses violations against children in six major categories identified by the United Nations Security Council.
Defence for Children International / Palestine Section (DCI/PS). (2008). Under Attack: Settler Violence against Palestinian Children in the Occupied Territory. 40 p.
The report is based on evidence gathered during the period January 2007 June 2008 and is limited to settler attacks on Palestinian children in the Israeli-occupied West Bank, including East Jerusalem.
United Nations ChildrenŠ—Ès Fund (UNICEF). Innocenti Research Centre. (2008). Child Trafficking in Europe. A Broad Vision to Put Children First. 68 p.
Within and across borders in Europe, children are trafficked into a variety of exploitative situations, violating their human rights and threatening their survival and development.
Kvinnoforum. (2003). European Good Practices on Recovery, Return and Integration of Trafficked Persons.
Stockholm: Kvinnoforum. 64 p. This report is a result of a study commissioned by the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs. It gives the key features of trafficking and presents the needs of trafficked persons.
Ditmore M. & Wijers M. (2003). The negotiations on the UN Protocol on Trafficking in Persons.
10 p. One of the most controversial and hotly debated issues during the negotiations concerned the first major lobbying goal of the participating NGOs, namely the definition of trafficking.


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