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Global child trafficking resources

Slave Trading - Sudan
April 1999. We look at Sudan, one of the most notorious slave states. Here slavery is widely used as a weapon of war by the Muslim north against the Christian and animist south.
Under the Tin Roof
This docu-drama is a typical story about trafficking. The deprived, drudgery and hardship in a girl's life is shown as a reason. It is a short story in the village of Sindhupalanchowk.
American Bar Association/ Central European and Eurasian Law Institute (ABA/CEELI). (2005). The Human Trafficking Assessment Tool Report - Moldova. 152 p.
This report assesses Moldova's compliance with the Trafficking Protocol using an assessment tool developed by the Central European and Eurasian Law Initiative of the American Bar Association ('ABA/CEELI').
Save the Children Denmark. (2003). Separated Children and EU Asylum and Immigration Policy.
78 p. Among the refugee, trafficked and migrant children who arrive in the European Union, many are separated from their parents, legal guardians or habitual care-givers. Many flee for refugee reasons, having a well-founded fear of persecution.
The Future Group. (2006). Falling Short of the Mark: An International Study on the Treatment of Human Trafficking Victims.
41 p. This Study concerns the treatment of victims of human trafficking in developed countries which have signed, and in most cases ratified, the Trafficking Protocol.
US Agency for International Development (USAID). (2002). Trafficking in Persons: USAID's Response 2002.
Calcutta: USAID Office of Women in Development. 20 p. Review of USAID anti trafficking activities in the world.
US Department of Justice at al. (2003). Assessment of US Activities to Combat Trafficking in Persons.
25 p. The United States has a significant problem with trafficking in persons. The United States is primarily a destination country: people from other countries are trafficked into the United States.
People Like Us (PLUS). (2007). Dancing Boys: Traditional Prostitution of Young Males in India. Situational Assessment Report on Adolescents and Young Boys Vulnerable to Forced Migration, Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation in India. 74 p.
The laundas of Bihar and UP define and spice up the entertainment barometer at the marriages in the Hindi heartland. But deep within they nurse broken hearts and bruised bodies.


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