Global child trafficking resources

Understanding Children's Work (UCW). (2003). The Assessment of Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children: A Review of Methodologies.
31 p. Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSES) is a global phenomenon of growing proportion. It exists, with different intensity and characteristics, in many countries and therefore is of rising concern all over the world.
International Organisation for Migration (IOM). (2001 a). Trafficking in Unaccompanied Minors for Sexual Exploitation in the European Union: Belgium, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands. (Part II)
Brussels: IOM. 225 p. Study highlighting the scale of trafficking of unaccompanied minors for the purposes of sexual exploitation or bonded/forced labour and slave like practices.
Center for Multicultural Human Services (CMHS). (undated). Understanding and Responding to the Psychological Needs of Trafficked Children.
2 p. Briefly defines the extent of the problem and the consequences of the trafficking experiences on children.
International Catholic Migration Commission (ICMC) Indonesia. (2006). When They Were Sold. Trafficking of Women and Girls in 15 Provinces of Indonesia.
436 p.Detailed analysis of the prevailing human trafficking situations in 15 provinces of Indonesia makes up bulk of this report, and it is expected that the report will offer greater utility to organizations and individuals who wish to roll out a
Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women. (2001). Addressing Trafficking in Persons in the Human Rights Framework.
100 p. This Handbook has several objectives. Firstly, it aims to inform readers about human rights violations in the context of trafficking in persons, by providing conceptual clarity on human rights and trafficking in persons.
California Alliance to Combat Trafficking and Slavery Task Force. (2007). Human Trafficking in California.
130 p. Nearly 150 years ago, the United States abolished slavery. Most Californians would find it hard to believe that slavery still exists, and may occur in their own communities.
International Organization for Migration (IOM). (2007). Migration and Climate Change.
64 p. Authored by Brown, O. The report states that even though it is defined as a growing crisis, the consequences of climate change for human population are unclear and unpredictable.
Children of Conflict - Congo - Part 1
Children of Conflict looks at the Democratic Republic of Congo where child soldiers have been used in fighting between tribes and many have had to carry the guilt of rape


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