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Global child trafficking resources

Street Children in Ethiopia - Hope Enterprises
We speak with children living on the streets of Addis Ababa, the capitol of Ethiopia. To better understand their situation, we meet with the Director of HOPE Enterprises, a group working to help the children survive and make it to college.
Anti-Slavery International. (2001). Is There Slavery in Sudan?
Anti-Slavery International. 31 p. This report is the result of the visit carried out by a representative of Anti-Slavery in Sudan.
An ode to life
A short VCD showing a unique best practice model for care and support of HIV & child survivors of trafficking. VCD, by Astha Nivas, India, 26 minutes.minutes, India.
War Child UK. (2006). War Child Annual Report 2005.
19 p. This report assesses the impact of war on children in the war stricken countries such as Iraq and the Democratic Republic of Congo. This report also addresses what is war child and how is war child different.
Bjerkan, Lise (ed.). (2005). A Life of One's Own: Rehabilitation of Victims of Trafficking for Sexual Exploitation.
A joint report by Victimology Society of Serbia, Sor-Trondelag University College and Fafo Institute for Applied International Studies. 171p.
Save the Children Sweden (2007). Child Migration and the Construction of Vulnerability.
69 p. Authored by Julia O'Connell Davidson and Caitlin Farrow .


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