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Global child trafficking resources

Cambodian Prostitutes Union (CPU), (2002), Police Human Rights Violation of Sex Workers in Toul Kork, Cambodia.
8 p. This study was undertaken to investigate, and raise the local authorities and the government's awareness to the current situation of police violations of sex workers human rights in the Toul Kork area.
Bindman, J. and Doezema, J. (1997). Redefining Prostitution as Sex Work on the International Agenda.
Anti-Slavery International and the Network of Sex Work Projects (NSWP).
Doezema, J. (2002). Who Gets To Choose? Coercion, Consent and the UN Trafficking Protocol.
A later version of this paper published in Gender and Development, Volume 10 Number 1, March 2002. Historically, anti-trafficking measures have been used against sex workers, migrant sex workers, and immigrants.
International Organization for Migration (IOM). (2008). International Dialogue on Migration - Expert Seminar: Migration and the Environment.
107 p.Environmental degradation, climate change and migration are not new to the global community. However, managing these phenomena has become both more challenging and more critical to ensuring human security and sustainable development.
Children ? Women in Social Service & Human Rights (CWISH). (2005). Closed Doors Suffering.
142 p. Involving children in domestic service is a traditional practice in Nepal. In a feudal society children of poor and landless families are sent to work at their feudal lords' houses as domestic servants.
In the Name of the Lord - Uganda
August 2002. The Lord's Resistance Army, or LRA, has carried out a brutal campaign of terror in Uganda since 1987, using abducted children to carry out its terrible massacres.
Efforts stem human trafficking in Moldova - 5 Nov 2008
Human trafficking is one of the biggest exports in the impoverished eastern European country of Moldova.


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