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Global child trafficking resources

International Labour Organisation/International Programme on the Elimination of Child Labour (ILO/IPEC). (2002 ). Trafficking in Children.
These PowerPoint slides briefly present the child trafficking situation in South Asia and describe the Trafficking In Children in South Asia (TICSA) strategy, carried out by the ILO.
Youth Advocate Program International. (undated). Modern Child slavery. What can you do?
Definitions; basic facts; where it occurs; forms of child slavery;effect on children. 12 slides. PPT
Save the Children Europe Group. (2007). Position Paper on Preventing and Responding to Trafficking of Children in Europe.
25 p. This Paper represents the Internal SC/SCEP framework for formulating and pursuing shared advocacy goals in the field of trafficking of children in Europe.
Sex for Fish - Kenya
Oct 2007. Kenya's female fish sellers have to pay a high price for their supplies. As well as buying the fish, they're expected to sleep with the fishermen. The practice is fuelling Kenya's AIDS rate.


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