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Global child trafficking resources

International Organisation for Migration (IOM). (2001) Deceived Migrants from Tajikistan: A Study of Trafficking in Women and Children.
The incidence of trafficking in human beings in Central Asia in general, an increasingly in Tajikistan, is a matter of concern for governments and organizations.
Jordan, A. (2000). Commercial Sex Workers in Asia: A Blind Spot in Human Rights Law.
In: Women and International Human Rights Law. Vol. 2, Askin and Koenig (eds.), Ardsley, New York: Transnational.
United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC). (2006). R?f?rentiel d?aide ? la lutte contre la traite des personnes. 264 p
. Le prsent Rfrentiel atlabor parce quil y a encore beaucoup faire pour bien comprendre les moyens les plus efficaces de prvenir et de combattre la traite des personnes dans telle ou telle circonstance particulire.
Campbell, H. (1890). Poverty and Vice. In Philanthropist, 5 (1890), pp. 2-3
Helen Campbell, a reformer and journalist who was deeply interested in social purity work, played a key role in connecting the problems of poverty with lax sexual values and crime.
The Protection Project (2008). Egypt. 5 p.
Egypt is a country of origin, destination, and transit for trafficking in persons. Women and children are trafficked from Egypt to other parts of the Middle East. Internal trafficking in persons is also reported.


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