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Global child trafficking resources

Terre des hommes Foundation. (Tdh). (2006). Child Trafficking. Thematic Policy. 42 p
This document describes Terre des hommes' approach and constitutes its policy against child trafficking. This policy defines Tdh's main operating framework for anti-child trafficking projects.
United Nations Global Programme against Trafficking in Human Beings. (undated). A Cross-Analysis Report into Smuggling and Trafficking between the Philippines and Australia. 8 p.
Executive summary. This survey research seeks to provide a more systematic examination of the involvement of organised crime groups in the experiences of victims of human trafficking and smuggling from the Philippines.
The Protection Project (2008). Israel. 10 p.
Israel is primarily a destination country for thousands of women trafficked from countries of the former Soviet Union, mainly Moldova, Russia, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan.
ActionAid UK (2008). Dissappearing Daughters.
15 p. Discrimination against daughters transcends class, caste and state barriers in India.
Peacekeepers'abusing children' in Haiti - 27 Sep 08
Children as young as six are being sexually abused by United Nations peacekeepers and aid workers in return for food and money, says a report by Save the Children, a non-profit organisation.
Child Labour - Bolivia
January 2006. Nearly 4,000 children work in the Cerro Rico mines of Bolivia. Those who are not injured or buried alive often develop lung diseases. Miners here have a life expectancy of just 39.
Save the Children UK (2001).Children - Not Soldiers 06.
20 p. This chapter looks at action agencies can take to secure the release of children during conflict.
International Organisation for Migration (IOM). (2003). The Next Stop Is?Study On Transit Migration Through Azerbaijan.
IOM. 35 p. For purpose of this research, transit migrants are defined as people who have entered Azerbaijan and who intend to move onward to another country as their final destination. This study does not relate to trafficking.
No 556, 13th Lane, Kamathipura, Mumbai
Film shows a raid on a brothel in Mumbai, India. Director's Note: The rescue operation shown in No. 556 was done at the request of enslaved girls. They sent word through customers begging for police or NGO intervention.


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