Global child trafficking resources

Child Welfare Scheme UK (2004). Study of Policies and Programmes Addressing the Right of Street Children to Education - Research Report.
111 p. This research project was conceived by UNESCO Regional Bangkok Office and CSC UK in close cooperation with UNESCO Nepal, ILO-IPEC Nepal, and CHAP.
United States Agency for International Development (USAID). (2005). Anti-Trafficking Technical Assistance. Nigeria Anti-trafficking Assessment. 47 p.
The objective of the antitrafficking technical assistance was to provide the relevant analysis and recommendations to assist the Mission in developing its anti-trafficking initiatives.
Terre des hommes Foundation, ARSIS. (2006). Transnational Protection of Children: The Case of Albania and Greece 2000-2006.
68 p. The publication, which was supported by UNICEF, describes the activities implemented by the two organizations and their partners in the frame of TACT Project (Transnational Action against Child Trafficking).
Understanding Slavery (undated). Introduction.
Designed to introduce students to the transatlantic slave trade. It also provides a quick historical overview of the period and its legacy. 8 slides. PPT
Catholic Relief Services. (2007). Research Study on Trafficking in Human Beings.
76 p. The objective of this research is to learn the knowledge, attitudes, and perceptions of the different target audiences about the trafficking of human beings in Kosovo.
Riz Khan - Sex Trafficking - 13 Feb 08
We talk to author Michael Viner about the toll of human trafficking....Riz Khan aljazeera sex trafficking Michael Viner human author New York Times bestselling Norma Hotaling
POPPY Project (2006). No Escape? An Investigation into London's Service Provision for Women Involved in the Commercial Sex Industry. 76 p.
This study investigates the needs of women involved in the commercial sex industry by exploring the work of over 200 projects working with women who sell sex in London.


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