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22 Jul 2017
In this adorable video produced by UNICEF, refugee children situated in Athens, Greece demonstrate their sheer innocence by discussing their favorite food and cartoons. Learning English and Greek were among some of the subject-favorites for these...
20 Jul 2017
The International Business Times, refers to the findings of the newly published "Lone Migrant Children Left Unprotected" report, produced by Human Rights Watch, which states that refugee adolescent youth are being categorized as adult refugees, and...
05 Jul 2017
Greece's Minister of Migration Policy, Loannis Mouzalas, had recently orchestrated an event which featured the Hellenic Olympic Committee, the International Olympic Truce Center, and the Hellenic Olympic Academy, which had occurred from June 23 to...
01 Jun 2017
According to, child refugees settled in Greece have recently produced an illustrative book comprised of fairytales, and is now on sale, while being dedicated to the cause similar to that of the children who had produced the narratives...

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