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09 Feb 2020
Annie Chapman, a doctor from London and a volunteer of the Boat Refugee Foundation (BRF) in Lesbos, Greece, has recently published an observer special report at the Guardian. Her story about dire living conditions and a close look at cases of...
19 Jul 2016
Human Rights Watch reports that numerous unaccompanied migrant children are being detained in police station cells which are unsanitary and overcrowded. Many of these asylum seeking children have fled the horrors of war and persecution in the hope...
14 Jul 2016
Save the Children shares the stories of unaccompanied minors in Greece who have fled war zones in the hope of a better life yet who find themselves detained. As vulnerable children, many of those detained do not know their legal status nor their...
22 Jun 2016
Middle East Monitor reports on the increasing numbers of migrant minors being detained on arrival in Europe: Since the EU-Turkey deal came into action, unaccompanied children between 10-18 are now detained for long periods of time, while their...
17 May 2016
The EUObserver reports on the UN's rapporteur for migrant rights called on Greece to stop detaining children in jail cells. A fact finding mission has found that some children spend 2 weeks in jail cells, with the envoy saying that there was no...
22 Jun 2015
Human Rights Watch (HRW) released a report on unaccompanied minors’ migration from the Middle East to EU. HRW claims that the European Union response is inadequate to the care of children who have escaped war conflicts and discrimination in Syria,...

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