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02 Dec 2016
The dark secret at the heart of British football - we ask why it took so long for the child sex abuse scandal to come to light.
25 Nov 2016
A former England international who says he was a victim of abuse as a child has explained why he has decided to talk publicly about his ordeal. Paul Stewart, 52, told BBC sports editor Dan Roan it had been a taboo subject - and he did not know where...
11 Nov 2016
The 'Daily Mail' reports that many of the Albanian asylum seekers in the UK are feared to be adults. A report reveleaded there were disciplinary measures in schools and some young people had to be removed from foster families due to inappropriate...
01 Nov 2016
The Nottingham Post reports that Roma children are likely to start school two years late and be have arranged marriages, a report has revealed.They tend to struggle in class and get suspended, while a high number of school age pregnancies is found...
26 Oct 2016
"The Independent" explains the situation with the hundreds of children who are now unaccounted for. Since French authorities closed the camp it is thought that 300 - 400 unaccompanied chilren are now essentially missing as the camp is being...
24 Oct 2016
Beta News reports that the UK government has failed to implement promised laws that would help to protect vulnerable children from online predators in England and Wales. Back in 2014, the then-Prime Minister David Cameron said he would introduce a...
24 Oct 2016
International Busines Times reports that the community is in a state of legal uncertainty over their right to remain in the UK, have exacerbated feelings of insecurity following the hate crime surge in the wake of the referendum,and an end of EU...
18 Oct 2016
The Telegraph reports that figures show that in the year to September 2015, 65 per cent of the child refugees who had their age disputed were found to be over 18.
12 Oct 2016
"The Independent" reports that British police are increasingly concerned about children sharing explict pictures and videos online with each other, in incidents that they hear about "virutally every day". This comes on top of concerns from the NSPCC...

Young people facilitating a training session for professionals, discussing the 'masks' young people may have to hide their real feelings.

06 Oct 2016
On the 3rd-5th August, the youth facilitators, who represented the UK through the LEAP project, took part in a 3 day training event delivered by the University of Bedfordshire. They are the author of this news item: "In the training, we spoke about...


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