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17 Dec 2009
‘Athen News’ reports that the new Minister of citizen protection promised that the asylum system will be reformed to reflect the real need for it, not the current 0.03%. The reform will set up a committee that will be responsible for...
16 Nov 2009
‘The New York Times’ published a descriptive article about migrants reaching Greece from Turkey by boat. According to coast guards the boats are often driven by Turkish youngsters, 16-17-years-old, who cannot be prosecuted under...
25 Oct 2009
‘AP’ reports that a small boat full of Afghan families hit the rocks ad sank off a Greek island, three women and five children drowned. A Turkish smuggler was identified.
25 Oct 2009
The UN reports that UNHCR expressed serious concern over recently reported violent incidents at the Pagani detention center in Greece, where guards abused and beat detainees, including a 17-year-old minor.
10 Oct 2009
‘Human Rights Watch’ published a press release calling on the newly elected Greek government to ‘end the abusive detention and summary expulsion of migrants, including unaccompanied children, and to reform the country’s...
04 Oct 2009
‘Ekathimerini’ reports that the local government of Veria in northern Greece will provide free schooling for Roma children. Several teachers have volunteered to work in this program, with a total of 60 children from 5 to 15 years of age.
27 Sep 2009
‘Earth Times’ reports that the United Nations urged the new Greek government to improve its reception centers, provide legal aid and faster and fairer processing of asylum requests.
24 Sep 2009
‘The Guardian’ published a longer analysis on the Greek situation, regarding immigrants, including the growing number of unaccompanied minors arriving in the island of Lesbos. While Greece is not the only country to be targeted by...
18 Sep 2009
‘Sofia Echo’ reports that a Latvian helicopter intercepted a Turkish coast guard which not only failed to stop a smuggling boat from entering Greek waters but was actively helping it. The report and evidence was sent to European...
14 Sep 2009
‘Ekathimerini’ reports that the Greek Minister of Interior told at a meeting of experts that national efforts to fight human trafficking were not enough and that countries affected should be working together.


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