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18 Oct 2009
‘Sofia Echo’ reports that Malta has asked Bulgaria to accept a number of refugees that have arrived in Malta. In a pilot project the European Refugee Fund provides 4’000 euros per refugee if a country is willing to accept them...
24 Sep 2009
‘Times of Malta’ reports that 1700 parents were taken to court because their children did not attend school regularly. While these numbers have decreased since last year, the figures of truancy are still the highest in Europe.
19 Sep 2009
‘Times of Malta’ reports that the result of a pilot project to help resettle 2,000 refugees currently in Malta, only 100 were offered to be welcomed by six member states out of the 26 invited. Some member states like the UK and...
12 Mar 2009
The ‘Times of Malta’ reports that Médecins Sans Frontières suspended its medical services at Malta detention centres for illegal immigrants. The NGO says that the conditions there were appalling and inhuman, and that there were cases...

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