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20 Nov 2009
OSCEE reports on its website that a workshop was organised in Strumica to p**romote the social inclusion of children in street situations and their families. The framework developed calls for an integrated solution involving all relevant...
20 Nov 2009
OSCE reports on its website that a t*wo-day training course was organised for 100 labour inspectors and social workers.* It was designed to build the capacity of agencies to identify cases of trafficking for the purposes of labour exploitation.
12 Oct 2009
‘Baptist Press’ reports that thanks to a program of the Southern Baptists, nearly 400 Roma schoolchildren receive free meals at schools to fight malnutrition, anemia and decrease the vulnerability to TB. The lunches are served in two...
12 Sep 2009
According to CRIN information, the Broadcasting Standards Council of Macedonia will issue a written warning to TV station Sitel, because of a breach in programme principles and failure to keep its duty to protect the privacy and dignity of a 15...
27 Jun 2009
On the 1st July 2009, representatives from the state’s anti-trafficking institutions and civil sector discuss the role of the National Rapporteur institution during an OSCE-supported round-table meeting. The Rapporteur is a recently...

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