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13 Dec 2017
In November 2017, employees of the NGO Brave Phone visited several schools to present a newly developed on-line game StoryLab that deals with the issue of the rights of children and youth in judicial proceedings. The game is  developed under the...

Peter and the stolen phones

23 Nov 2017
Terre des hommes and its partners have been working with 160 young people in four countries in order to develop a mobile game that can teach children about legal proceedings and their rights in these situations, in a playful manner. The game...
23 Oct 2017
On October 19, 2017, the Ombudsman Institution from the Republic of Moldova, in partnership with Terre des hommes Moldova, organized a conference addressing the legal status of the child who has committed a criminal offense, but did not reach the...
05 Oct 2017
These centres have opened in Sofia, Vratsa, Rousse and Pazardjik where they are piloting services aimed at children in conflict and in contact with the law.  Its main purpose is to change public attitudes towards children in conflict with the...
22 Sep 2017
Last week, a 16 year old boy was murdered by his peer in Kosovo. Coalition of NGOs on Child Protection - KOMF appeals to all bodies and institutions at central and local levels for more security and care for all children. Each child should enjoy the...
11 Sep 2017
Between the 4th and 8th of September 2017, Terre des hommes Moldova organized a new training session on the implementation of the Intervention Program to reduce the criminal behavior of adolescents at risk. The course provided tools and intervention...
08 Sep 2017
Two persons sentenced last year for serious crimes of sexual abuse and exploitation of a child, ten persons convicted for exploitation of pornographic children, four convicted for rape attempts, six convicted for the most severe forms of domestic...
16 Aug 2017
“It was two years ago. Back then, I did not speak Hungarian well. I did not have an interpreter, just an appointed lawyer.” - A 15-year old foreign boy that faced criminal charges in Hungary tells about his experience. A child suspected or accused...
06 Aug 2017
Reports show that Kosovo’s Roma minority continue to face hardships due to suspected lead poisoning contracted in post-war United Nation Camps. Roma politicians, including Kujtim Pacaku, a former Roma MP in Kosovo's parliament, are calling for the...
25 Jul 2017
The abnormal discrepancies in education among Roma and non-Roma youth within the Czech Republic have been most recently spotlighted. The former comprised a sizeable 4% of the Czech youth student body during the 2015 to 2016 academic session, however...


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