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26 Mar 2020
Emergency guidance in helping social workers to manage Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS) cases during the COVID-19 crisis is to be produced by the government, with the aim to help practitioners to deal with the DoLS cases during this time of ...
20 Dec 2019
Forty-nine Bulgarian organizations supported the Standpoint on the Bill to repeal the Social Services Act, 954-01-76 of 06.11.2019, and the Bill to Amend and Supplement the Social Services Act (the document is in Bulgarian). The Know-How Centre for...
07 Nov 2019
Sarah’s father is Spanish and her mother is Hungarian. They live in Spain, where Sarah was born. Sarah has always felt special because, from a very young age, she could speak two languages fluently. Unfortunately, Sarah’s parents divorced last year...
16 Oct 2019
The streets in Warsaw, Poland were crowded with people protesting against a new bill that the government is planning to pass. The  bill, known as 'Stop Pedophilia', was proposed by the right-wing government, who is demanding sex education be removed...
15 Jan 2019
The National Network for Children in Bulgaria condemned the statements of the Deputy Minister of Justice Mr. Evgeni Stoyanov during a morning talk show on the TV channel bTV. Mr. Stoyanov had insinuated that children detained by the law may be...
28 Nov 2018
Deputies voted unanimously to adopt amendments to the Penal Code that criminalize all forms of domestic violence in Bulgaria. Despite the rejection of the Istanbul Convention, the government has focused on more than a dozen rules to combat domestic...
23 Mar 2017
Pristina | 09/03/2017 The draft code of Juvenile Justice was approved at its first reading, in principle. Drafted and finalized by the Ministry of Justice the bill addressed the obstacles encountered in the implementation of the existing code and...

The Ministry of Justice has begun amending the Kosovo Juvenile Justice Code. For this purpose, two workshops were organised with the support of UNICEF, with the participation of experts and professionals in juvenile justice, like: judges, prosecutors, representatives of Probation and Correctional Service, university teachers, etc. The purpose of the amendments  of this law is to improve standards in the field of justice for children, in conformity with the most advanced standards, such as shorten the maximum period of detention, increase diversion measures and alternative sentencing, to avoid the difficulties encountered in practice by practitioners of this law. The amendments will also cover the protection of children under the age of criminal responsibility, child witnesses and victims of crime, as well as protective measures for them. These areas have so far not been covered by any law specifically for children, but have been mainly dealt through general provisions. Work on amending and supplementing the Law, will continue further with the inclusion of other stakeholders, including civil society.

26 May 2016

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