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05 Feb 2020
In a new press release, the EU highlighted their role in international efforts to eliminate Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) via their support for a number of projects worldwide, and by including the elimination of FGM in their human rights and...
07 Nov 2019
Sarah’s father is Spanish and her mother is Hungarian. They live in Spain, where Sarah was born. Sarah has always felt special because, from a very young age, she could speak two languages fluently. Unfortunately, Sarah’s parents divorced last year...
08 Jun 2017
It has recently been reported that Turkey, in collaboration with the European Union and UNICEF, had previously initiated a project financed by the European Union that calls for Syrian and other refugees situated in Turkey, to register their children...
22 Jun 2016
The Guardian reports on the potential implications of Brexit on the adoption of EU migrant children in Britain. The report focusses on a number of high profile cases - including that of two Roma children - which eventually were settled at the UK...
22 Jun 2016
The BBC reports on the crack-down of a criminal network exploiting children across Europe. The BBC writes that:  "Four networks were uncovered operating in the Netherlands, Spain, Austria, Croatia and Bosnia", according to police reports. Six Dutch...

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