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20 Jan 2020
The Hungarian-language online portal published an interview with Gyongyi Kugler, a clinical psychologist who works at the Budapest Victim Support Center where many of her patients are child victims of abuse. Kugler says she receives a new case every...
28 Nov 2018
Deputies voted unanimously to adopt amendments to the Penal Code that criminalize all forms of domestic violence in Bulgaria. Despite the rejection of the Istanbul Convention, the government has focused on more than a dozen rules to combat domestic...
08 Sep 2017
Two persons sentenced last year for serious crimes of sexual abuse and exploitation of a child, ten persons convicted for exploitation of pornographic children, four convicted for rape attempts, six convicted for the most severe forms of domestic...
01 Jun 2017
UNICEF recently reported that at least 2.7 million children around the world reside in institutional care. Statistical figures relating to child abuse and neglect have been released, however, wide and considerable discrepancies in information...
28 Jul 2016
Human Rights Watch has produced a report detailing the number of children detained in war zones and the conditions they face in custody. Of course, data is hard to come by and these figures are estimates, the true numbers may be much higher. Many of...
22 Jun 2016
The BBC reports on the crack-down of a criminal network exploiting children across Europe. The BBC writes that:  "Four networks were uncovered operating in the Netherlands, Spain, Austria, Croatia and Bosnia", according to police reports. Six Dutch...
This organization provides a pan-European platform which emphasizes on the strengthening of familial units and the elimination of institutional care. Furthermore, this organization seeks to act in unison with the global human rights organization,...

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