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28 Jun 2017
UNICEF approximates that 20,000 refugee children are currently present within Greece. Among these children, a small diaspora is existent, as some of these migrant children reside within urban centers, while other children are situated in...
27 Jun 2017
Asia One spotlights a common, but yet disturbing practice that is most common in  Afghanistan. According to a recently published article, the practice of 'Bacha Bazi', which translates to "Boy Play" in English, is a practice which can be identified...
27 Jun 2017
The Financial Times spotlights the accusations brought towards the World Bank, where it is alleged that the institution purposely neglected to observe the forced labor pressed by Uzbek school on young students to pick cotton during the last fall...
26 Jun 2017
Barnardo's, the United Kingdom's leading children's charitable organization has set its benchmark high, by achieving record numbers in the amount of youth the organization has assisted The numbers indicate from 2016 to 2017, the organization...
23 Jun 2017
According to the Daily Mail, images of teenagers harming themselves are surfacing on popular social media outlets, as part of the newly emergent trend called the "Blue Whale Challenge". The Blue Whale Challenge has prompted international concern...
23 Jun 2017
The Georgian government is facing pressure by over 40 non-governmental organizations to enshrine and implement protective measures for children into Georgia's new constitution, amid constitutional reforms occurring in the country.  Recently, on June...
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20 Jun 2017
The 2017 Global Conference on Children on the Move was hosted in Berlin, Germany from June 12-13. The conference had mandated for the demonstration of the benefits of collective action in order to achieve results for children on the move. Secondly,...
16 Jun 2017
On June 13, 2017 Terre des hommes-Moldova and National Probation Inspectorate representatives met in a round table to assess the piloting experience of the Intervention Program for diminution of criminal behavior of adolescents at risk. The event...
08 Jun 2017
It has recently been reported that Turkey, in collaboration with the European Union and UNICEF, had previously initiated a project financed by the European Union that calls for Syrian and other refugees situated in Turkey, to register their children...
07 Jun 2017
On June 2, 2017, Terre des hommes Moldova gathered in a workshop the 22 professionals who applied the Program for the prevention of pre-delinquent and criminal behaviors at children and adolescents of 10-14 years. The aims of the event were to...


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