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11 Sep 2018
In Vrsac, Serbia the training course for youth workers " Social Inclusion Through Applied Drama" has just ended, where 26 youth workers from 6 countries learned from experts from Spain, England, Hungary and Serbia how to use applied drama as a tool...
18 Jun 2018
In Bacau, in the communes Negri, Racova, Scorteni, Sărata, Bogdăneşti and Pîrjol, the children built their models for their future playgrounds. The workshops were facilitated by 3 architects from Bucharest, with expertise in the development of rural...
13 Aug 2017
This article presents the story of a graphic designer, Mr John Milad, who used his creative talents and "his passion for the arts to induce change in society".  Through the theatre troup that he founded "W Lessa" (There is yet to come) over 15 years...
04 Jan 2016
The Daily Sabah (Turkey) reports on Project Lift, which  is a volunteer organization that offers creative arts therapy to refugee children from war-torn Syria.  The brainchild of the 16-year-old Emir Özsüer, who wanted to do something for the...
28 Jun 2012
‘BBC News’ reports that an art therapy room will be part of an expanded centre for vulnerable children and their families that has opened in Nottingham. It will also offer face-to-face support and counselling for children along with...

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