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16 Jun 2020
Warning signs of racism and racial bullying:  Calling names  Physical damage of belongings  Violent attacks  Exclusion from the community Associating skin colour with personality traits  Being under pressure to change your look  Assaulting jokes ...
18 Feb 2020
The outbreak of the coronavirus has shaken the whole world, including children. Early years education facilities are pushed to educate children about the virus in order to stop bullying and anxiety among their students. Children's charities believe...
03 Jan 2019
After experiencing bulling in school, a girl teamed-up with her friend in a dance duo 2Stepz and created a video as a support to other victims of bulling and violence in schools. The video quickly went viral and got reactions from various...
09 Nov 2018
Independent is reporting about the survey carried out in UK by ABA, the Anti-Bullying Alliance. According to them, bulling is widespread in classrooms, with one child in every classroom being bullied every single day over the six months period. 45%...
13 Jan 2017
Morning Star reports that "a quarter of children from Slovak Roma background have been excluded from Sheffield schools — after daily harassment from fellow students".

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