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19 May 2020
Examining correlations between austerity measures taken by EU states in times of the Great Recession of 2008 and child health, a new research article reviews relevant literature in the last 5 years on countries that applied such measures linking it...
22 Apr 2020
The CarePath project, which advocates for more trauma-informed care to support children leaving care in Europe. With the ongoing pandemic resulting in heightened risk for children in vulnerable circumstances, the need for children to receive...
05 Mar 2020
The IWF (Internet Watch Foundation) is a UK-based organization, which is trying to make the internet children safe platform. They have introduced a set of 11 measurements, which were drafted by the Five Country Partners comprising the governments of...
04 Mar 2020
Refugee Camps Have Reached Breaking Point (Athens, March 4, 2020) – European Union (EU) Member States should urgently relocate unaccompanied children from the Greek islands to safety in their territory, while ensuring that the children’s best...
26 Feb 2020
Students get into university through litres of sweets and sleepless nights, however, some of the students are dropping soon after the first term. Excess stress and mental un-stability during university life are pushing them to take this drastic...
Κορίτσι, στο Κέντρο Υποδοχής και Ταυτοποίησης στη Μόρια, Λέσβο. Οκτώβρης 2019.
25 Feb 2020
Open Letter To: The Prime Minister of the Hellenic Republic, Mr. Kyriakos Mitsotakis   Dear Prime Minister, The organizations signing this letter have been engaged for many years in the field of human rights and humanitarian aid and are looking...
05 Feb 2020
In a new press release, the EU highlighted their role in international efforts to eliminate Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) via their support for a number of projects worldwide, and by including the elimination of FGM in their human rights and...
14 Nov 2019
Growing inequality affects children’s access to healthcare and education; poverty continues to remain persistently high among children (24%), compared to the adult population (22%). Despite this, the European Semester – the European framework for...
14 Nov 2019
The “Start to Talk” campaign was launched by the Council of Europe to fight against the abuse of children in sports. Sport is a good way to learn how to be resilient, how to cope with failures and how to be a team member, but it can create a...
20 Aug 2019
According to recent estimates, more than 15,000 minors are trafficked into Europe every year as part of a growing phenomenon of football player migration and trafficking, says Ini-Obong Nkang, a doctoral researcher in Sports Law at Nottingham Trent...


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