Read the latest news on child protection from around Europe. For news related to the recent refugee crisis in Europe please see our Thematic Page.

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09 Aug 2016
Open Democracy reports on the continuing situation of migrants at camps in Greece on the island of Chios. There are three different camps in the area but one's quality of life depends very much on which camps one ends up in, which in turn is largely...
28 Jul 2016
This European Commission press release announces that "the EU is delivering on its commitment to speed up the implementation of the Facility for Refugees in Turkey bringing the total amount mobilised to more than €2 billion to finance actions in the...
25 Jul 2016
Amnesty International urges heads of state, set to meet in the forthcoming days in order to draw up a response plan to the refugee crisis, not to be thrown off-course by narrow national self-interest. Amnesty International has also produced a five...

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