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27 Sep 2019
Research on the provision of support to migrant victims of torture has emerged only relatively recently. At the Third Annual Expert Workshop of the UN Fund for Torture, a representative from Doctors for Human Rights described the ‘silent epidemic'...
26 Sep 2017
The Hungarian left-wing daily Nepszava published an article about migrant and refugee children in Hungary, who are not cared for properly by the Hungarian state.  "These children do not cry. Even as a total stranger you can examine them, they don't...
21 Mar 2016
Vocativ reports that a study finds one in 1,000 refugees are diagnosed with schizophrenia or other psychoses every year.  Refugees have a unique set of medical needs. There’s disease that rages through refugee camps due to overcrowding and poor...
11 Nov 2015
Deutsche Welle presents an interview conducted with an Rabia Rayyeb, an interpreter at therapy sessions organized by "Children of Tomorrow" in Hamburg (Germany) for children and youths who have fled Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Ghana and Eritrea.  
15 Aug 2015
The Hungarian daily 'Népszabadság' published an article about the Austrian refugee system. Currently there are more than 3800 unaccompanied minors being cared for - which is historical high - and results in  a dramatic situation. At the end of July...

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