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04 Feb 2020
Around two-thirds of all child sexual abuse is committed by a family member. A new report shows that sexually abused children and their cases are hidden from view because of a lack of knowledge and support from local authorities, agencies and even...
14 Nov 2019
Neglect, abuse and being born into 'dysfunctional families' are the main reasons why more than 7,000 unborn children are placed in the category ‘children in need’. This number has almost tripled in the last eight years. Domestic violence, drugs,...
12 Mar 2017
In this article, the Dorset Echo reports on a blog written by Martyn Underhill in which he explains how providing "age appropriate sex and relationship education" is an important step towards safeguarding vulnerable children. 
07 Nov 2015
The Guardian reports that railway station staff, including retail workers and ticket collectors, will be given training on how to spot vulnerable children following warnings that public transport is a hotspot for young people who have run away from...

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